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February 02, 2008


Thanks for the links concerning the health care plans of Clinton and Obama, emptypockets. While foreign-military policy still looms as the most significant issue for me, I should give health care plans some study before Super Tuesday—especially given my uninsured state and my great indebtedness contributed to by an NSAID-caused health calamity.

We're getting the hell out of Iraq. The issue is when--and avoidiing a debacle in (related( Iran).

Health care will be the biggest issue mid-term, and keep in mind, we'll need the Iraq money to pay for it.

That said, the election will probably turn on some inanity, like a verbal gaff. Unless Osama decides to take a hand (on the grounds that continuing the war keeps him relevant and that things should be brought to crisis).

And to think, Iraq is far from political stability, and won’t become stable as a sovereign nation as long as a large foreign military presence is there. Reconstruction and new development won’t pick up steam until there is stability, and even if stability comes fifteen years from now, the USA will be expected to foot much of the bill for reconstruction, infrastructure repair, and so on. And what about resettlement? If it ever comes, the expenses will be enormous. And there are the military expenses.

The human costs and the functional damage to the Constitution should be enough to motivate office holders and office seekers to get down to serious and detailed talk about what’s to be done, but we’re still hearing many of them talk of success in Iraq. Self-proclaimed fiscal conservatives who support the occupation of Iraq should be challenged to break down the economic numbers for the next two or three decades; Democratic or independent candidates with strong general criticisms of the Bush administration should also have to state in detail what economic challenges they see ahead. The time is coming when such analysis won’t be easy to skirt. The economic chickens will be coming home to roost, and there will be many, many hurt and displeased citizens.

I think Iraq will be part of the main issues in the next election, but with the way the economy is going I think most Americans will be primarily concerned with that.

I love the counter of the cost of the war.

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