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January 12, 2008


Thank you for posting this, since Democratic Party rules seem to be the most complicated and convoluted things going on, especially with the primaries.

We've been maintaining a list of all superdelegates at 2008 Democratic Convention Watch, with one list for those who have endorsed and another for those who haven't.

You guys are taking this WAAAAAYYYYY too seriously for something that is so phony it makes professional wrestling look real. The outcome has already been decided. You're being duped.

Matt -- you can't possibly know who the Superdelegates coming from the State Legislatures and Mayors/City Council/County Commissioners are yet, as they won't be selected till late March or early April. You can know the specific offices -- Senator, Member of Congress, State Chairs and co-Chairs, DNC members and State Constitutional Officers. Perhaps half or 2/5th of the Superdelegates are yet to be selected.

My experience suggests that the Superdelegates selected from among elected officials will pretty much mirror the division, proportionally, as the delegate selection process goes in the states. I suspect the interest in sending state and local elected officials who generally side with the "winner" is one reason why these selections come late in the process.

If you read our lists you will see that we have a good majority of the superdelegates. I believe there are supposed to be 796 total. Between our two lists we're very close to this number using Congress, DNC, Governors, Former DNC chairs, Former House Speakers and Senate leaders and past Democratic Presidents and VPs. We definitely have more than half. We will add the additional superdelegates as soon as they're named.

So why was an Independent such as Lieberman (CT-I) appointed a superdelgate? Is Bernie Sanders (VT-I) a superdelgate? They both caucus with the Dems and are considered Dems for committee assignments.

Is it legal according to party rules for Obama or any cadidate to hold a meeting with 50 superdelegates to try to convince them to be a "block" and vote for Obama?

What do the rules of the party say if a presidential or vice-presidential nominee dies before the election, and what are the rules if one dies between the election and the meeting of the electoral college (such as with Jim Sherman in 1912 and Horace Greeley in 1872)?

A wise decision and a smart choice of future good and capable country leaders will result to a dynamic, efficient and effective government.

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