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January 10, 2008


The CIA is a secret organization.

The tapes were secret also.

It is important to keep people from knowing anything more about them.

i.e. they should be destroyed when their usefulness is over.

Makes good sense to me.

"Siegelman Is In Prison So Bob Riley Can Be Groomed As A GOP Vice Presidential Candidate" Bush and his appointees are using the prison system to keep Siegelman from talking to the media about Gov. Riley's past and Alabama's dirty history of campaign corruption.

(a) When Siegelman was Secretary of State and Attorney General, he referred several irregularities of cash flow to state and federal law enforcement which included sham organizations, Contra drug trafficking, tax evasion and money laundering. The results of the investigations found that much were linked to high ranking politicians in Alabama, Florida, Arkansas and sometimes Georgia, and Mississippi. Siegelman is a very smart attorney. He holds two law degrees. He knows more about Alabama's politics than anyone, being the only person in history to have served the top four government offices in Alabama and he has first hand experience of how a White house backed conspiracy works. This is a partial list of the skeletons that they don't want big media to know about:

(a) Voting fraud- Voting machine expert Dan Gans of Riley's staff is very knowledgeable of "Diebold Optical Scan Voting Machines" and of the "ES&S Central Voting Tabular" used in Alabama elections. He is believed to have altered the election totals on election night in the 2002 gubernatorial election.

(b) Millions of dollars of dirty campaign money was used to defeat Siegelman's Education Lottery and to defeat his gubernatorial campaigns. The money came from big business clients of lobbyist Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon, Toby Roth, Rob Riley and William Canary. Several different National GOP associations along with some sham organizations ran by Robin Vanderwall, Preston Gates, Ralph Reed, Glover Norquist and William Canary laundered the money so that it wouldn't be obvious who the donors were.

(c ) The newspaper presses of big media giant Newhouse/Advance Publications has an arrangement with the GOP in Alabama to print articles hand fed to them by the GOP from top law enforcement and federal attorneys to create a corrupt public image of Siegelman, and other top Democratic politicians.

When the exutive branch has no respect for the rule of law, and congress has no desire to fulfill it's duty - well, who's gonna watch the shop? Seems that government is only as stable and honest as the men elected, and right now the US is running amuck, a big ship with no rudder.

One more year, my friend. One more year.

Frankly, Jodi, nobody's interested in what makes good sense to you. You shouldn't even be using that kind of terminology. It's absurd.

The CIA deals in secrecy, sure. So do the courts. All the time. Get over your fetish.

The excuse I just saw (elsewhere) was that most of this can plausibly be considered part of the president's job ... so we should allow him (or any other president) to do it.


Brickbat for Judge Kennedy.

I hope his action is remebered when he seeks reappointment or higher office. He should have ordered that the tapes and records be produced.
That goes for all the repthug minions that are defending the crimes of this administration. Brickbats

Dismayed...I agree with you..one more year..one more friggin year of this horrid admin. I have a feeling that there were some fingers behind poor miss Bhutto's demise and that fake computer voice on the Iranian speed boat. War mongering has to be completed and in place by November ya know.

Alyx, why do you suppose that these thugs will have such respect for amendment 22 of the constitution when they have been using every other part of that document for toilet paper?

Ken, they have no respect for amendment 8 either.

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What is the role of justice in the country if it is useless? Let say to other administrators or executives it is very useful, for the reason of it gives them a power to rule over the country and control people. This kind of doings shows disrespect in the constitution. They are fighting one another and destroying one another for the sake of power. And now, they want to create a good image to the people.

For me, the best thing that they must do is to stop performing such fraudulent acts. Instead of wasting their time in worthless matter, why don’t they work together and spend it in some essential matters that would give a big help to the community. In that way, they can create a good image.

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