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December 02, 2007


So presumably, Cheney wins another one? Bush41 got Gates into DoD to clean out the Pentagon, including Wolfie.
Enough reports from foreign sources suggest that Condi's a standing joke. This nails it.

Wolfie might be there to fire those FSOs who refused to work in Iraq or change the contract and pay. The WMD issue(trucks) at CIA was confirmed by Plame a month ago. Woolsey would have known Plame was a 'bad' agent after she violated IIPA over Ames. This would have been used to bypass her. She was probably watched since his arrest in 95.

Shays on the Intelligence Committee got his wife a job at a new department at Peace Corps that does some type of research. Of course it's not intelligence related.

I think I read during the Mukasey confirmation that Feingold thinks the President deserves to choose his own advisors (that business about advice and consent from the Senate is the part of the Constitution Russ never read). How it is possible to treat any appointment by any member of this corrupt, incompetent, and criminal administration as anything other than another act of obstruction of justice (or worse) is entirely beyond me. I'm all in favor of shaming Condi, but what will it take to impeach Bush and Cheney and put a stop to this endless corruption? They have more than a year to wreak havoc and given what they have thus far accomplished in under 7 years, I hate to see how much more damage they can inflict.

Maybe my tinfoil hat is on too tight, but did you notice that the charter for that board was revised on 11/13/2007? What's up with that? Time for a visit to the wayback machine...

WO - That is interesting. Please report back with any further info. Wasn't Wolfie the one who also famously said that the Iraq war was going to pay for itself from all of the Iraqi oil royalties?

shouldn't this treasonous hook nosed piece of shit be in prison, if not in front of a firing squad, by now ???

wtf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcy, I think we are missing something real important here...

Could it be that Condi and Wolfie are an item now and she is setting HIM up? ;-)

Yes, Condi and Wolfie are an item! In fact, they have received an invite (subpoena) to appear together at the social event of the season. Was reminded of this bit by Siun's post at FDL. I wonder if getting Woldowitz back in the Administration is, at least partially, about creating a better privilege umbrella in order to keep him (Condiliar too, of course) off the stand in this case.


Aside from her husband, Condi is rumored to like other women, not aging men with grooming problems. But who knows? Condi's pretty cosmopolitan, compared to the rest of this crowd.

i thought it was standard security procedure to give top secret info to people with close ties to israel? why would the usa want to go on a course different from its stated position of being a close friend of israel? surely you don't expect the usa to put in this type of position someone more nuetral?

Could the appointment of Wolfie be part of the Warplan for Iran?

It sure seems like Darth has been following a script to promote Iran War Fever, and he'd certainly like to have a proven successful promoter like Wolfie back in the saddle again.

"Wolfie, we need another scam to convince everyone that Iran has got WMD. You're the best one to conjure this up make this happen. Also, I need you to ride herd on Condi 'cause she's gonna have weak knees as we lock and load. Capisce?"

Aside from her husband, Condi is rumored to like other women, not aging men with grooming problems.

When did Condi get married?


Condi referred to Bush as her husband. Some of us feel that she administers punishment drills to him when he needs a spanking.

Since he wrote her a note asking if he could take a bathroom break during a UN session, I think she ought to have referred to him as her ward or son or other dependent. When the Commander Guy and Deciderer-in-Chief has to ask permission to go potty, you know the country is in trouble. Of course, he has his own porta-potty and special toilet paper so that nobody can collect evidence of drugs or medications.

By giving them a State Department positions, does Condi prevent lawsuits from touching these characters?

James Woolsey has been pushing the Saddam thing for a while. I believe he wrote a glowing blurb for Laurie Mylroie's 2000 book in which she claims the 1993 NYC World Center Bombing was carried out for Saddam by Pakistani Yousef/Kuwaiti Basit. Something about the fingerprints of Basit's Kuwaiti intelligence files being tampered with presumably while Saddam was in Kuwait were Mylroie's proof that Saddam was behind the NYC bombing. I am reminded of Judy Miller and her floating Knesset models.

Good point hauksodottir re: "he has his own porta-potty."
I assume heads of state from other countries do the same thing to prevent foreign intelligence agencies (i.e., our CIA) from discovering their state of health and the identities of any prescriptions from their human waste.

Wonder how the bathroom situation works logistically at international conferences:
Do you think there is designated conference room where rows of exclusive port-a-potties are guarded by each country's military and secret services? Or separate conference rooms with one port-a-potty each?


Yes, the husband thing is only metaphorical.


Now that's a very good question. Maybe one of the perks of being a permanent member of the UNSC is a secure toilet.

bmaz, so if I understand you correctly getting Wolfie back in State makes it easier to claim what... state secrets or executive privilege? So now I'm wondering how executive privilege works... does it only apply to people currently in government service? Does that mean it cannot be extended to those formerly in government regarding their actions while there? Or is it just not usually applied to cover former officials. I'm a bit puzzled on this one. As for state secrets, I would assume that applies to specific actions such that being in or out of government would not make any difference in asserting the claim. Is that right?

Phred - That was a comment I vacillated about making. I personally have never thought that assertion of executive privilege depends on whether or not the person was still in the government. The privilege rests with the executive not the person. I remember back at the height of the Monica Goodling testimony deal that there were many convinced (including several in government) that disagreed and felt there was an effect. I will say this, having him in the government makes it a hell of a lot easier to ride herd on him from the Administration's standpoint and a lot less likely that Wolfie wants to freelance and help out certain parties and interests in the case. So, I don't know, I kind of just put it out for discussion to see if it triggered anything....

I think Wolfie is being brought into State to 'immunize' him (or as EW says, to ride herd over their exposure from him) from possible investigation and/or indictment.

By protecting Wolfie, Bush is protecting himself.

Oops! That was bmaz who suggested the 'riding herd' notion.

Thanks for the clarification bmaz and rfw... Appreciated, as always :)

This is Cheney demonstrating that he takes care of his own and extending his familiar greeting, "Go Have Intercourse with Yourself," to his would be critics. Policy isn't made at State, anyway, it's made in Cheney's corner of the White House and it involves the same players, in or out of office.

This move does attempt to get Wolfie back on the public dime, with a high-level security clearance. It also puts another mole in Condi's shop, a never ending past time for Cheney. Since this is a part-time job, it also sets Wolfie up even better for the WingNut welfare system and its chief employer, the AEI.

Why in the hell would Condi Rice choose to pick someone so controversial? Come one this is one of the main architects of the war in Iraq, this is the radical that said it would cost $200 million, that we did not need to send in more troops?

This is hopefully a rumor. Why would Rice want to stir up so much trouble?

This is one of the guys we need to Impeach so that we can never serve in another administration. Wolfowitz is drowning in the Iraqi peoples blood and has not even noticed. No shame no conscience.

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