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December 30, 2007


Going back to 1969, Broder has been WRONG about 90% of the time he's written about anything (in 1969 he was saying Democrats would destroy themselves if they didn't cooperate with Nixon to end the war). How that moron has become the "Dean" of anything is more a function of the fact the rest of them are otherwise-unemployable hacks working for corporate scum who reward those who keep saying "Look! A shiny object!" every time Something Important starts to happen.

Every one of those people on Broder's list is a has-been who nobody can remember nowadays anyway. Unless you're an idiot like Broder who remembers how much fun it was to sleep with all of them when everyone was younger and looked better.

They're all has-beens who've been rejected by or lost control of their respective parties.

These are the saviors of the country? The ousted "stalwarts" of the Republican Party who couldn't keep their own house in order? Who complained so bitterly at their being displaced by their own troops? And now they seek to "reconcile" the country at large on the theory that... what? It'll get easier with a larger and more diverse herd of cats?


And how arrogant! "Well, sure I got kicked to the curb. But if I just unfurl my noble banner over here, surely the people will follow. No?"

I have something for them: a big fat raspberry and three fingers ('read between the lines').
I don't want bipartisan: it's a recipe for staying stuck in the rut we've been in this last year. I want real partisan, so we can see which of the @#$%^&*s we have in Congress is ready to be retired, and the sooner the better. I want real partisan, so we can see that the Ds are in fact not the same as the Rs.
The heck with Broder: he's just another Village idiot.

Love the "whiff of BenGay" line. Says it all.

So, when do they bring back "Good Time Charlie"? As to Broder, I can see him in that Bullwinkle movie as the "Dean of What'sAMatterU".

So, when do they bring back "Good Time Charlie"? As to Broder, I can see him in that Bullwinkle movie as the "Dean of What'sAMatterU".

Where's Lamar Alexander when we need him?

I wouldn't want Broder to choose the make-up of this hybrid, but I don't think the progressive short-road can proceed apace of the current deadlock without something akin to this idea.

I like Chuck Hagel and Chris Dodd.

Well they are all rich, white, old, and from my point of view stupid. It shouldn't take them long to hammer out a platform.

"Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens"

-Talking Heads

In heaven, Dave Broder will always be wrong about everything, in exactly the same way.

Hallelujah, people! We are in heaven.

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