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November 05, 2007


Thanks Mimi. Great news!

Hah! A bad guy gets justice for once. For some reason this conviction reminds me of the old Big Audio Dynamite song 'Medicine Show'. I guess partly because near the end of the song they have a clip of the audio from 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly' where Tuco gets sentenced. "The condemned is found guilty..."


Does anyone else think Mark Geragos is not the one to call if you need a good lawyer?

And it is probably true that he had nothin' to work with, but Marky seems to lose more of the major cases he's brought on to defend.

Me, I'm gonna ask for bmaz and Mary.

Mad Dogs: don't blame the laywer for taking a guilty client. You go to court with the client you have, not the client you wish you had. And Wilkes was a total dirtball- guilty as hell, and could hide it.

sigh, "could" -> "couldn't"

While good things happen when Emptywheel goes away (I.E. Wilkes Guilty On 13 Counts), I know there's a lot of news and analysis I miss...

...who know what tomorrow will bring. Thanks Mimikatz!

Here's hoping Wilkes will spill the beans on Congressman Jerry lewis.

Donning my tinfoil hat, I wonder if Wilkes maintains silence in hopes of receiving the Irving "Scooter" Libby preferential treatment? While he may have to serve a little bit of his sentence, he may skate felony-free come January, 2009.

Posted this below, but seems more appropriate here.

"Let me translate Geragos' statement of being disappointed and seeking to clear Wilkes name through an appeal on "grand jury leaks". Here, in simple language is what Geragos was saying, "Hey I defended this case the way I always defend my clients, I pitch a lot of sensationalistic crap, and my guilty as sin client gets the shit kicked out of him in court and by a jury. Did I mention I'm on Larry King tonight? Um, where was I? Oh yeah, anyway, since I didn't do any effective motion work before the trial, and since I had no cognizable theory of defense in front of the jury other than trying to freak out the experienced AUSA by calling my client to the stand prematurely, I don't have dick in the way of grounds for appeal. So with that in mind, we will be proving my client's innocence via one of the biggest jokes in the history of criminal appeals, trying to show a tainted grand jury from leaks to the press (especially absurd since I, Mark Geragos, did a fair amount of the leaking myself as part of one of my stunts). In the meantime, my crack staff has counseled Mr. Wilkes on the likely success of this appeal by telling him to stock up on soap-on-a-rope (no bending over in prison showers!), telling him to learn all the slang terms for "husband", and informing him to practice sleeping on his back with his mouth closed. Did I mention that I am on Larry King tonight?"

tekel - Your statement about not blaming the lawyer is very true normally, but in the case of Geragos (a genuinely nice guy personally I might add), I think Mad Dogs is pretty close to being about right (Not about the bmaz and Mary part; at least not on my part anyway; I spend very little time in a courtroom anymore and sleep more and am happier as a result).

Sources say, eleven days from now the incommunicadist writer-political literature researcher e.w. is participating with Alan Brinkley, Columbia University; Joe Lockhart, former White House Press Secretary; Todd Purdum, Vanity Fair, author of A Time Of Our Choosing, America's War In Iraq; Margaret Talbot, New Yorker; in a panel on politics in 'a series of timely and provocative conversations featuring some of the nation's most prominent scholars and journalists'. Evidently, the venue is a 600-seat proscenium theater built 26 years ago. One hopes the current bear hunt produces some fine footnoted excerpts from some ongoing projects to illuminate the talk and Q+A. Ostensibly, MI and MA had original populations of Ursus americanus of the black bear spp., a subspecies that is notorious for individual variants which are fairly unamicable toward human settlers. Yet, it promisses to be a progressive moment, raveningly timely.

On the other topic of the orignal post, there was a sketch of a thesis during a quick visit the other day by e.w.; and folks remain curious if all the subpoenaed congress people will have to give depositions in the web of cases related to Wilkes'.

Wilkes is either a really bored criminal who just walked into Court and said, 'Let's get this over with. Just give me those 13 felonies,' or he traded his framed picture of the 13 Congressmen for a Scooter Card.

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