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November 29, 2007


Perhaps her experience teaches Ms. Delaney that these endeavors are fruitless, and as Bush would say, "hard work, hard work I tell you" because nobody did diddly shit to actually investigate anything in them either.

Delaney: "I got here and discovered, for myself, that there was nothing to see, folks. That's right. Nothing to see, everyone just keep shuffling along. There's nothing to see..."

OT have you read about this whistleblower? at No Quarter USA ...Sam Provance

I'm beginning to think that, just maybe, every one of these thugs might get away with it, via some technicality or other.

You could even argue that Delany's inaction helps taht along.

Has anyone noticed how there is just a whole lot of nothing happening? There are lots and lots of wheels spinning, but people like Tom DeLay, Karl Rove, Alberto Gonzales, and a host of others are all still walking the streets. I have not heard much of anything out of Ronnie Earle's investigation down in Austin into DeLay's stuff. Karl Rove has earned himself some credibility writing for Newsweek, so now he is getting out on the speaking circuit and continuing to spew his garbage. Alberto is even giving it a shot.

What is with Patrick Fitzgerald? It seems there is unfinished business in his ball court but he seems to have disappeared from sight.

Is ANYONE interested in restoring any semblance of law in this country? It seems not...


perhaps "just maybe" they never did anything at all. Perhaps you were mistaken.

They say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and perhaps, "just maybe" perhaps, all those presumed dastardly deeds just weren't dastardly, after all.

"..., just maybe, ..."

"..., just maybe, ..." after all, perhaps, they never did anything,
at all, perhaps "just maybe", perhaps you were after all, after all, perhaps,
after all, perhaps, they never did anything, at all, perhaps "just maybe",
Perhaps you were, after all just maybe.

Posted by: Shit Stain Jodi | November 29, 2007 at 23:42

Jo-di-idi-ot after all, just maybe

OT - Bush wants his money for the Occupation before the Economic news gets any worse.

Strange...but Judge Burns has had nothing on his calendar since Monday.
I thought he might have been on vacation, which might make him double pissed to have to come in to sign the subpoenas.
Sure hope he wasn't having secret meetings.

And bmaz, in case you miss the family..I think they found the NCT article.
Nothing too interesting posted yet-perhaps she is getting warmed up.

that's an interesting observation sojourner and it is one that I noticed and I am sure others have as well...


maybe you are an idiot, maybe you are a troll, maybe you are a plant, maybe you like the negative attention, undeniably you are unintelligent...

OT Looks like Leahy has pinned Bush behind three pawns.

First, Leahy accepted Bush's pronouncements of 'no involvement' with the USA Firings, then he declared Rove's, Miers' and Bolten's subpoenaes to be unstoppable due to privilege - So, no involvement, no privilege!

Could be a back row check-mate coming up...Bush may have no other moves except to either Lie about The (Hit) List - and get caught - or Resign.


you are delightful. You make me smile.

But more importantly eveyone, I noticed that I left something out of my first post.

I said "They say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and perhaps, "just maybe" perhaps, all those presumed dastardly deeds just weren't dastardly, after all.

"..., just maybe, ..." "

I meant to say something along these lines:
They say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and perhaps, "just maybe" perhaps, all those presumably dastardly deeds were only in the eye of the contributors to this forum and they weren't dastardly, after all.

... and that is why things are as they are rather than as you wish they were, emptywheel and sojourner.


you don't play chess do you?

: )

In Case the President Delusionally Thinks He's Above the Law: Tear Open! Big Stick Inside!

Would things get interesting for Addington, Cheney, Libby, Miller, Rove and Bush if Fitzgerald's time capsule ( sealed v sealed ) got opened?

It's a WAG, but it could be US v Bush for IIPA Violation and Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice, naming Cheney, Libby, Miller, Rove and Addington as Co-Conspirators.

ouch, this is off topic, but you should see what's happening to joe klein's latest posting

I don't know how I got there, or how to make links here, but klein's got a site where his post above a "comments" section, and it ain't pretty if you're joe klein

p_lukasiak and a bunch od DFHs are tearing new assholes in klein fasted than I can count em up

those sneaky fucking Hippys are even posting the relevent sections of the US Code, pointing out the laws and shit, the sneaky bastards bet the freepi wish they knew how to cut-and-paste

somebody even mentioned the fact that klein doesn't cite the bill in question, quote the bill in question, or even offer proof that he's read the bill in question 10 will get you 5 that klein STILL hasn't read the fucking bill

does anybody else suspect that the comments features at time and the wapo and other propaganda outlets will soon be diabled

everybody knows it ain't fair to use facts and laws against the wing nuts and the freepi

it's like throwing a split-finger fastball to an opposing pitcher

it just isn't done

have you no shame

God, I love the shit stain and her ilk. It's like the Stooges came back from the dead

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