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November 05, 2007


Ah if there were enough of you to go around to live blog all the key corruption trials. Even from afar, you bring us insights and information that is sans pareil, without equal. Thanks.

I would be hard pressed to put Cunningham on the stand for anything, irrespective of what might come out Lewis, Doolittle, TommyK or whoever (although I suspect that did have some partial role here). One viewing of that letter Duke wrote from prison to the local reporters would be enough all by itself to make this decision. Cunningham is dumb as a stump, volatile and psychotic; nobody in their right mind would use Duke as a witness if they didn't absolutely have to. Geragos ain't much of a student of history, and it is surprising that the jury is still out (literally, the jury is still out!) on whether or not he is doomed to repeat it. By this I mean that Geragos told the jurors he was going to elicit testimony for them from Cunningham, the central cog in the corruption machine, the guy who supposedly got bribed. NEVER, NEVER, EVER tell a jury they will be hearing from your client the defendant or some other absolutely critical witness and then stiff them by not having that person testify. (Hell, Geragos could have asked Libby's crack legal team if he didn't understand this fundamental rule of trial law).

Wilkes: Guilty on all counts.
Geragos loses again.

/nelson voice:

Ha ha!

Geragos is thinking about reversal:
(quote from http://www.10news.com/news/14515490/detail.html)

"I don't believe this case was proved beyond a reasonable doubt," Geragos said outside court. "Obviously I'm very disappointed. I think he shares the confidence that we'll get it reversed."

Geragos is hoping to get the decision reversed based on the alleged grand jury leaks.
A hearing is scheduled for Dec 11.

ChrisC - Let me translate Geragos' statement of being disappointed and seeking to clear Wilkes name through an appeal on "grand jury leaks". Here, in simple language is what Geragos was saying, "Hey I defended this case the way I always defend my clients, I pitch a lot of sensationalistic crap, and my guilty as sin client gets the shit kicked out of him in court and by a jury. Did I mention I'm on Larry King tonight? Um, where was I? Oh yeah, anyway, since I didn't do any effective motion work before the trial, and since I had no cognizable theory of defense in front of the jury other than trying to freak out the experienced AUSA by calling my client to the stand prematurely, I don't have dick in the way of grounds for appeal. So with that in mind, we will be proving my client's innocence via one of the biggest jokes in the history of criminal appeals, trying to show a tainted grand jury from leaks to the press (especially absurd since I, Mark Geragos, did a fair amount of the leaking myself as part of one of my stunts). In the meantime, my crack staff has counseled Mr. Wilkes on the likely success of this appeal by telling him to stock up on soap-on-a-rope (no bending over in prison showers!), telling him to learn all the slang terms for "husband", and informing him to practice sleeping on his back with his mouth closed. Did I mention that I am on Larry King tonight?"

I imagine that certain levels of government have a major stake in keeping Cunningham from being on the stand and taking a chance on him opening any other cans of worms somehow during his testimony, and or interrogation.

There is a whole lot of "stuff" going on. I hear even GAO has Revolving Door participants in charge, and the employees there can't really do their jobs or get anyone to do right by the investigations and reports they complete. Things are in a sorry state.


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