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November 28, 2007


oh my gosh

you don't mean -

nah couldn't be -

one of u. miss's most famous cheerleaders has a thing for


ding, dong, dell,

pussy's in ....

oh, forget it.

Hi, EW.
Either these people (Lott and the rest of the rodents he's leaving with) know something we don't (likely), or they sense the final demise of the Republican Party (as if, but a boy's gotta have hope).

Sources say that Trent Lott resigned because his brother-in-law has been buying teenage hookers from TIME magazine and loaning them to the former Majority Leader. Other Republican congressmen did not immediately deny this. I haven't asked any Democrats, because I have neither the time nor the legal training to determine what is correct.

I'm still not seeing it. Yes, it looks like his brother-in-law (soon to be "my wife's Democrat brother") and nephew (soon to be "my wife's Democrat brother's son") are on the hook. Is Lott involved? Probably. Will anyone really be able to tie him to the whole thing? Probably not. I'd really like to see this wrapped around his neck, because the irony of Lott losing his job over Hurricane Katrina is just so rich, and you've even got someone named "Dickie" in the mix. I still think it's boy-for-hire.

All of you should think of a new career in comedy writing.

Who needs comedy writers when all we have to do is watch the hypopublicans (used to be known at the hypo-crats!) run their soap opera of pedaphilia, and bathroom sex. No, the hypopublicans don't have simple affairs with "the other women"...it's children and boys only...and lots of praying publically so as to keep others from suspecting their deep dark secrets. What's not to love!!

Well shared denial is a sign of shared symptoms...it really makes you wonder about anyone who continues to defend these people.

That's cash on the barrel head there Katie Jenson.

Katie ,

I believe you are confusing the Republicans with Politicians in general, and Politicians in Power in particular.

Wait until we have a new Democrat regime for 2 terms. Same old, same old.

PIN was/is Bush's 'fixer' for Political Racial Hate.

Anything could be done by a Bush Loyalist - including Federal Election Crime that falsely puts a former Governor behind bars, or stealing Katrina Relief Fund money. And, if Bush and Rove determined that the 'accused' Loyalist was 'worthy' - a Boss like Lott or Canary - then 'the right' judges and prosecutors showed up to make 'the right' charges and rulings.

Hillman is looking like the enabling Himmler of BushCo.

Was PIN involved in the Guam/N. Marianas prosecutor/judge fiasco that effectively buried the Sex Slave Island story, too?

look at me

Same old look at me Shit Stain Jodi !?!

look at me......look at me......look at me

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Same old Shit Stain Jodi...... look at me

Who is PIN?

CSX railroad was bought by Carlysle Group. The CSX chairman was made a Bush appointee to Treasury Department.

PNAC signers and US Treasury Department go hand in hand in the Bush Administration.

I started looking at CSX about a year ago when I realized that Cheney is going to dirty bomb a railroad in the US. (my own tin foil, share it or not) Today CSX shows up again. I know Rense is not reputable, but take the time to look at the dots, google "Carlysle Group CSX railroad." Look at Board of Directors, compare to PNAC signers (i.e. Bush/Cheney enablers for profit), look at Treasury Department.

Recall that Sec of Treasury was replaced when he failed to get the Dubai Ports deal accomplished.

Recall that Carlysle Group bought the Watergate Hotel where Foggo was doing prostitute parties, and that security cameras were not turned over to the FBI. We should have seen pictures of prostitutes going into or out of that damned hotel by now. What's up with that?

Anyway, here's Rense:

Tidbit from that article: "The Carlyle Group, still a Bush Sr. investment, then doubled their money by selling Horizon Lines to another Bush connection, Castle Harlan, Inc. Castle Harlan, Inc. now has a large chunk of the Alaskan/Pacific shipping lines."

Hmm, Alaska, you say? Was Sen. Ted Stevens involved?

The reason I mentioned CSX Railroad is
Lott’s son railroaded by ‘railroad to nowhere’?

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