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November 20, 2007


Which breweries should we be avoiding?


This is such a weird coincidence!

I heard another story yesterday about somebody trying to NIST to alter their findings with respect to voting machine technology. The person I was speaking with on the phone was interupted by his cell phone and it was an NISt staffer calling to complain (more like whistle blow).

I guess NIST is also getting the Bushco "we make our own reality" "Lets politicize and corrupt yet another federal agency" treatment.


Yeah, I think you're right.

This case is particularly interesting for teh bind it puts Chertoff in. Per Congress, he's got to certify the machines himself. I think he was really trying to get the results he wanted, while maintaining plausible deniability about the machines.

First, shame on DHS for politically bigfooting NIST!

That's no different than if Gonzo, hypothetically speaking, were to have gone to the FBI Labs at Quantico and demanded all the evidence of Judy Miller's fingerprints on Scooter's copy of the NIE be given back like it never happened.

Next, apparently the formation of DHS was a Gooper Free-for-All from the very beginning - a big smorgasbord slopped into the pig trough of Our Money for the express purpose of Rewarding the Loyalists.

How else do you explain Niece-of-the-Chairman-of-the-JCS, Julie Myers, except as a scandal of political patronage at DHS? No skills and a track record of incompetence, but she does hold the 'right' beliefs and the 'right' connections.


Simply put, former 3rd Circuit Judge Mike Chertoff is exponentially more of a threat to you than Osama Bin Ladin or any El Quaeda or terrorist leader.

Buh Buhs to two worthless individuals:

Rachel Paulose' short chaotic no experience attempt to be a Federalist Zealot Bushie US Attorney with next to no experience as an AUSA--she's been moved to suck the taxpayers' money at DOJ OLP with the rest of the Dead Bushie Wood keeping the ghost of Sampson and Goodling and incompetent political hacks alive as DOJ has been irreversibly broken pushing over 2500 phony evidence cases with the FBI and prosecuting Democrats from 4-1 to 10-1 in some districts according to a recent survey.

Lie and Redact; Redact and like is the message from DHS, DOJ, FBI, CIA and the rest of the alphabet hacks.

Fran Townsend has helped preside over the most pourous ineffective security policy since the Titanic got very wet. She's helped Chertoff waste billions and jeapordize countless lives, and make a no fly list that is 99.9999% fictional infringing on innocent peoples' lives. As the airports jam and fail tonight and this week, you can see their Katrina approach to security in action.

Paulose hypocritically exclaimed:

"McCarthyite hysteria that permits the anonymous smearing of any public servant who is now, or ever may have been, a member of the Federalist Society; a person of faith; and/or a conservative (especially a young, conservative woman of color)."

This from a member of a DOJ whose civil rights policy has done much to damage minorities and people of color. This from a DOJ member whose advisors as well as DHS have helped to hamstring African Americans in New Orleans, many who like the Iraq refugees have fled and will never return.

Hmmmmm. Isn't Lieberman the chair of the subcommittee on Homeland Security? Anyone besides me think he'll never hold any hearings on all of this?


Yep. He's um, lukewarm, about pressing this much. It's worth noting that one of the three companies involved in the big radiation scanners is located in Meriden CT.

Why did the dems give Leiberman the chair of the DHS subcommitee? I bet he asked for it. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Wake up people. It started then.

All in the Family
Connecting the dots between an Alaska senator, his kin, and some fat U.S. contracts
By Kit R. Roane
Posted 11/28/04

"Last month, staffers for Alaska Sens. Ted Stevens and Lisa Murkowski summoned officials from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to a meeting in Murkowski's Senate office to discuss awarding a multimillion-dollar, sole-source contract to Chenega Corp., an Alaska Native firm that is represented by Stevens's brother-in-law."


Nothing unusual if you have watched the DOD, FBI, ...

It is your government in action. Feeding at the trough. Hiding failure, incompetence, graft, milking the lobbyists for re-election funds.

Democrat or Republican, it makes no difference!

EW, this is weird and creepy. Google Map 'Chenega, Alaska'. You'll note it is on Prince William Sound, where the ExxonValdez oil spill occurred. Valdez is in the NE tip of Prince William Sound, and Chenega is on the west tip. But the Chenega village was mostly wiped out in the 1964 Alaskan earthquake. There can't be very many Chenegans left; most were relocated after 1964 in the region of Prince William Sound, where they were impacted by the ExxonValdez spill. But I'm dim on further specifics.

But this is exceptionally bizarre: The annual revenue of Chenega Technology Services, a firm owned by Alaska Natives and based in Fairfax County, was too high to qualify for the nine-year, $475 million contract . Huh?! IIRC, 'Chenega' is like.... maybe 70 people...? And that's counting second-cousins, once removed. 70 or so people aren't operating a $475m/year biz. Or, should I rephrase, 'not a legitimate biz.

I suspect you are correct in linking this somehow to Sen. Toobz; this must be a front for someone's Dark Arts.

Which prompts me to ponder whether Shirlington Limo Services was swinging by Chenega Technology Services and picking up 'clients' for those poker parties at the Watergate with the Dukestir and Dusty Foggo? Cause the info you've provided about the size of the contract definitely does not make any sense on the face of it. (Even if the Chenegans were only the original 'investors' for such a business, it still does not make sense.)

Wonder how and/or why this is also tied in with the USAG firings...? IIRC, you and Wampum (sp?) - some months back - were pondering a correlation between: (1) the fired USAGs, and (2) their involvement with native trust funds. (At least, that's the gist as I recall.) If USAGs were close to stumbling on massive fraud linking Native Trusts with Homeland Security, they'd have become politically toxic to Bu$hCo. It would be pretty easy to use a small native corporation as a false front; they'd be under most people's radar, and there would be very few people to call 'b.s.' on such an enterprise.

"the distinct odor of Ted Stevens"? Eeewwww!

Something like polar bear breath?

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