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November 27, 2007


Since your post mentions Lederman Kris, I ran across this series of articles just today:


which I may spend some time with. It's from late August of this year, with Lederman, Kris, Keefe and Kerr (Kerr invariably underwhelms me, Kris I'm only familiar with from papers/testimony to SJC, but he impressed me more than any other lawyer on any of these topics at the time, with respec to the honesty of his arguments and the depth of the analysis).

Does 43 ask 41 anything? And now Poppy and Baker trying to come in and kind of clean up the mess.

What happenned to congressional oversight?


congressional oversight went the way of good governance, stopping pork spending, and transfats.

I may be off-base here but it seems that congress people should be embarrassed about voting on matters they do not *thoroughly* understand. Much of the dust storm that FISA reforms have instigated revolves around media complicity in deceit of public perception.

Please take a moment to consider the old fashioned notion of individual accountability in our elected officials when pursuing the home stretch of this legislation.

Did the senator read the bill before he voted?

Did the senator have access to the secret sessions that defined the terminology?

Was the senator allowed to share this information with his policy advisors?


Midnight provisions will still be a problem after the management of public opinion has expired...

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