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November 27, 2007


Ms. Perino is one sharp cookie.

According to Dana Milbank, she's o.k. because she returns phone calls. When not much is expected, not much is given.

Actually, Al Gore has come out on top. He has distinguished himself in many ways (such as winning a Nobel prize) that probably would not have happened had he been sworn in as President. He will go down in history as a true statesman and visionary. Understand, I was not necessarily an Al Gore fan, nor was I a fan of Jimmy Carter. They have both lived their beliefs, and done what they could to improve what is -- and I can really respect them for that.

Bush, on the other hand, will not be remembered very fondly regardless of how he and his supporters try to re-write history. Just this morning, Karl Rove was quoted as saying that Congress rushed us into the Iraq war. Someone just needs to take these people out and put them in the garbage where they belong. True statesmanship can't be bought; true character shines through. Bush has neither.

Luckovich captures Cheney doing the 'right' thing:


This twisted thinking certainly goes around. Blame Gore for the Supreme court Judicial coup, blame the Palestinians for their plight, blame the woman for getting raped.

Bush is great at denial and avoiding taking responsibility for the corruption and crimes that have taken place during this administration.

Oh I forgot to mention the "blame the Iraqi's" theme song being sung by both Republicans and Democrats for the fucking disaster in Iraq that they created.

How in the hell could the Iraqi people ever forgive us for what we have done to their country that our Reps are busy blaming them for.

classic doublespeak from bush's press secretary >>the president is willing to let bygones be bygones.<< isn't it the other way around? gore is the one letting bygones be bygones.

You know what would have been great? If Gore had taken this opportunity to kick W in the balls. Over and over and over and over again.

The White House press corpse is on-topic if on-topic means fomenting kerfuffle and leaving issues of substance to others, witness:

Q The former Vice President has been deeply critical of this President's conduct in several areas. Do you think they're still upset with one another? Is there still bad blood here?

MS. PERINO: I don't believe so. I know this President does not harbor any resentments. He never has.

Weenies, weenies and more weenies. On that note, did you know new evidence in the Natalie Halloway case has come to the attention of the new chief prosecutor in prosecutor in Aruba Hans Mos, and the three suspects have been detained for interrogation? Greta Van Sustren did a excellent job interviewing Hans Mos last night on “On the Record” I’m just saying, if you’re going to cover it, be responsible. The case is in good hands with Hans Mos and he may have what it takes to break it. He was tight-lipped about the new evidence but the attorney for the Halloway's implied the prosecutor had recently recorded conversations, likely wiretaps, in which the suspects were blabbing about their involvement. The prosecutor implied the case rests on getting the less guilty party/ies to turn on the more guilty one(s).

Finally, lost in the sore-loser sore-winner meme that has Bush hating Gore and visa versa are the name of the others attending the White House reception for Nobel Prize winners:

Gore and the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change shared the Nobel Peace Prize for efforts to educate and raise awareness about the effects of manmade climate change.

University of Chicago professor Roger B. Myerson, Eric Maskin from Princeton University and Leonid Hurwicz, an emeritus economics professor at the University of Minnesota. The three won Nobel prizes in economics for their work on how people's knowledge and self-interests affect their behavior in the market or in social situations, such as voting and labor negotiations. Hurwicz is unable to attend.

Mario Capecchi of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and Oliver Smithies from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, who were awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine. Their work led to a powerful and widely used technique to manipulate genes in mice, which has helped scientists study heart disease, diabetes, cancer, cystic fibrosis and other diseases.

Poor bush*. I'm sure he's thinking about all the things he could have accomplished if he didn't have to be president. He could have won two Emmy's and two Nobel prizes.

If only the Supreme Court hadn't insisted that he won the election, the world would be a different place.

Actually, I was hoping there would be some exchange between bush* and Gore that would inspire Al to jump into the race for 2008. If only...

Tekel I hope Bush and Gore do not think that just by standing together and smiling that they can bring the country together to get behind who ever becomes President in 2008. With Congress's numbers at an all time low and any faith that Americans (Republicans, Democrats and Independents) have in our government. It is going to take far more than Bush and Gore standing together to restore faith in our corrupt and broken government.

Both John Dean and Former Senator Edwards have referred to our "broken and corrupt government". Edwards has talked about shaking the system up. But have you noticed the mainstream is back to ignoring Edwards. Obviously Edwards has pissed some folks off. Must have to do with not taking Pac money Must have to do with slamming Hillary for voting for the Kyl Liebermann amendment and Obama slipping out of town when this right wing radical amendment was being passed.

If you're interested in reading informed opinion about about the District of Columbia v. Heller case which the Supreme Court will take up this session, you can find it at ScotusBlog: Court agrees to rule on gun case. The comments are excellent reading just like those here.

Bush's actions seem focused around concentrating economic wealth in globalized financial interests, so he needs the 'cover' of the nation-state and contract laws and 'elections' and legislative bodies. He's still a cheerleader, not a quarterback. I wouldn't expect GWBush, nor any of his minions, to be anything other than petty and insolent toward Gore; they're too small to be gracious.

What Gore is trying to do is astoundingly complex and difficult... to educate an international public about basic science, and then help them understand how something as abstract as a carbon atom with it's four open bond spots affects their well-being... Now THAT'S a challenge!

As nation states seem to be 'failing' left and right these days -- and unable to address global pollution or global warming without hooking into a larger political network -- NGOs and international organizations will need to play a larger role in decision-making and harmonious relations. That's where Gore will continue to make a difference. Ironically, having had a US Presidential election stolen from him by none other than GWBush makes Gore far more credible in the international environment. Relish the irony; Lady Karma is a clever, shrewd woman -- but it required a lot of character from Al and Tipper Gore to make it a reality.
Gore's an inspiration.

I haven't seen the coverage or photos, and don't want to. Too sad. Not nearly enough healing scar tissue yet.

One must remember that Deadeye Dick only forgave Harry Whittington after Whittington apologized for having been any trouble or caused any inconvenience. Like, um, by getting in the way of Deadeye's wild shooting.

It also needs be remembered that, using objective math (i.e., the number of pellets extracted from Mr. Whittington's head and neck divided by the number of pellets in the type of shotgun shell Deadeye was using, and applying some basic analytical geometry to the situation), it's been clear since Day One that Deadeye not only lied about the distance between him and Whittington, but that he came within a few inches of blowing his head off.

And, likewise, it's been clear since Day One that Cheney was hogging a covey of quail for himself, rather than help Whittington find his downed bird. Helping the fellow hunter, rather than hogging the covey for yourself, is the appropriate thing to do. As the document linked above shows, Deadeye was almost unspeakably rude to his companion and then shot him. Mighty large of Deadeye to forgive his victim.

It has been some time since I have seen so much pettiness in this thread.

You're outdoing yourselves again!

It has been some time since I have seen so much pettiness in this thread. You're outdoing yourselves again!
Posted by: Shit Stain Jodi | November 27, 2007 at 15:33

Yes, a long time... when was the last time you posted?

Sadly, Jodi has not posted enough lately. But at least she is right about this one. Damn pettiness! It was only a presidential election. Not like it was important or anything.

Get cracking! We are lost without you Jodi...

From Neil:
Mario Capecchi of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and Oliver Smithies from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, who were awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine. Their work led to a powerful and widely used technique to manipulate genes in mice, which has helped scientists study heart disease, diabetes, cancer, cystic fibrosis and other diseases.

OMG! Is that like using embryo cells? Is that like killing zygote people to help real people? And Bush had those zygote killers in the White House! Call Dobson, quick! Moral standards are collasping!

rukus, you're hysterical ;-)
Yeah, that'd be in Utah; that leftist blue state where all those radical, hippie Mormons collected what's probably the world's best database for genetics research. And everyone knows the Mormon moral standards are just collapsing by the minute ;-)

Still chuckling; you've made my day ;-)

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