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November 16, 2007


Looking forward to your visit EW. I'll be at the conference tomorrow and generally loitering in case anyone is up for a brewski or two. But then, you already knew that ;)

Anyone else gonna be around this weekend?

I can be there. Can you clarify?--As before, put a link below if you're interested in get-together events associated with this.

I can only attend the afternoon session. Would be happy to loiter if such is a-breweing or as phred says, abrewsking. I look forward to meeting EW et al. How shall we identify ourselves?

kathryn in ma and i are planning on driving in together.... and least for a meet up afterwords and hopefully (i think) for the afternoon conference.

kathryn in ma and i are planning on driving in together - at least for the meet up afterwards and hopefully for the conference too.

Glad to hear it! We (hubby and I) will definitely be at the conference tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully we can meet up there.

Otherwise, the plan is to meet up afterwards at An Tua Nua on Beacon St. If you don't make it to the conference, I think it will be a safe bet that BlueState and I will be easy to spot as we are both redheads (unless her name is misleading ;) Plus the hubby will be with us, a big handsome fellow with a beard.

You are not married to Wolf Blitzer are you???

phred - if you'll email me (click on my name, there's a contact page), i'll send you my cell phone number.

Geez bmaz, I said he was handsome -- sheesh!

selise, I'll go pop you a note...

bmaz is

only slighty paranoid. Ok, maybe super paranoid.

That doesn't mean that Wolf Blitzer is not an alien brain snatching seed pod out to get me and turn me into a brain dead zombie......

Attended the conference and was disapointed. There was little about the "news" in gereral (all the different venues that exist - newspapers, mags, radio, podcasts, tv-cable etc) it seemed only about newspapers and oh yeah, thats right, we have emptywheel here. Of course she didn't wait to be invited but jumped in.... bj's indeed!
And democracy wasn't mentioned except in passing. I mean the word was mentioned not the concept.
Three secions. 1 sucked - 2 was ok cuz of eptywheel - 3 - best cuz the moderator did her homework and organized well.
Glad I came & said hi

Also enjoyed the conference. I found part 1 interesting re:reporters being targeted in Iraq... has embedding made reporters targets? Part 2 was good re:Marcy but Purdum was annoying. Part 3 was interesting, my take away was that reporting remains vital but big changes are ahead for the news business. Guess it's time to get a viral You Tube video on my resume.

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