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November 30, 2007


I know, I know, I said it before, but here's a wee bit more on Narus and its pals like Pen-Link:

"Anytime, anywhere, LINCOLN Software and Systems let you collect and record intercepted communications of any type - wireline, wireless, VoIP, 3G and IP. Pen-Link also provides the most complete product available to automatically load various formatted call, IP, and transaction records from a wide variety of communication and Internet service providers."


NARUS Teams with Pen-Link - Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Strategic Agreement Solution Compliant with Both CALEA VoIP and ETSI Internet Access and E-mail Standards

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—June 13, 2006— Narus, Inc. today announced a strategic agreement with Pen-Link Ltd. to market Narus, Inc’s NarusInsight® Intercept Suite (NIS) software in conjunction with Pen-Link’s LINCOLN® 2 product collection and reporting solution. These combined best-of-breed technologies will provide the industry’s first lawful intercept solution that is fully compliant with the CALEA T1.678 VoIP standard in the US, as well as the European ETSI TS 102 232/233/234 standards for Internet access and e-mail...


"Scott Peterson Convicted - Thursday, November 18, 2004
On Friday, November 12, 2004, the jurors in the case against Scott Lee Peterson delivered their verdicts. The jury found Scott Peterson guilty of murder in the first degree, of his pregnant wife, Laci Peterson, and guilty of murder in the second degree, of their unborn son, who would have been named Conner. Of course, if you've followed the case at all in the news, then these verdicts aren't news to you. In which case, chances are that you also know that some of the prosecution's evidence came from wiretaps of Scott Peterson's cell phones. What you may not know is that LINCOLN was used to conduct those wiretaps..."

Holy Crap, they sold one to Shanghai Telecom!! I did not know that (and it happened over 18 months ago). I have a suggestion for Shanghai Telecom: Check that sucker out very carefully. That category of device is especially prone to being a Trojan Horse (in Greek myth sense rather than the computer sense).

I'm not really surprised by the Saudis and Egyptians being on the customer list. We've had this stupid idea that the corporations over there are own our side for a long time (btw, I say stupid because they're on their own side which varies from ours based on a complex set of factors).

Wm Ockham wrote: FISA said that metadata is content and therefore protected. The DNI desperately wants to remove that from the law because they've been mining that metadata on domestic and international and foreign calls.

Okay, that sums up the key info.
I'd assumed that searching the metadata had somehow been pseudo-legalized under a 'signing agreement', or else snuck by Congressional oversight via some DoD manuever.
Key feature. Definitely.
How very simple; almost elegant.

Appreciate your synopsis and insight. Thank you.

Well, I guess this may be about my last comment here. Partings is always such sweet sorrow.

Freepatriot, as I feared above, that damn comeback by Hawaii stuck a fork in my Sun Devils. Hawaii into the BCS Bowls (Sugar); ASU out of BCS Bowls (to Holiday). Hawaii better make good against Georgia. Here's hoping they do, because it is good for college football.

Vaya Con Dios TNH.

I'm with you bmaz. I'm thrilled for EW, but it appears (at least for now) that her comment threads over at FDL will be of the rapid sort that I have a hard time keeping up with. The slower pace over here has suited me, but I'll manage I guess. So who gets to turn out the lights?

phred, EW will still set the standard at the new place, so who's to say what it will be like. At least give it a chance.

Don't worry seamus, I've been popping in and out over there all day. What can I say, I'm a bit sentimental about TNH, I've thoroughly enjoyed it here. But, it's the people, not the house, that make a home worth visiting, so I'll be over there. Just want to say good-bye over here with a tip o' the hat to all concerned :)

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