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October 11, 2007


Of course, sometimes reality and tinfoil are not necessarily mutually exclusive.


I have thought that OVP and DoD were collaborating to advance the Make-War-Happen Agenda ever since DIA produced the Mar 8, 2003, one-of-a-kind "Wilson's Report Supports the Uranium Claim" Dis-information Memo to 'neutralize' the Trip Report.


My hope is that OVP was merely able to 'twist' some DIA arms (where was Rummy in all this?) to get only that single Odd Duck Memo, versus having open access to use DIA as Disinformation Central for Political Gain.

The Secretary of State is 4th in line to the throne. She's probably seen the shadow government organizational chart (The one they won't show the Congressional leaders). Having her own personal army could be necessary if Cheney declares martial law *or* if he dies despite having a hazmat suit at hand *or* if he decides to put somebody more submissive in her job.

Mercenaries serve whomever holds the contract, legal or not. They're only loyal to the paycheck. State has given Blackwater political shelter as well as a ton of money.

When Bush last dropped into Iraq, it was to the military base in al-Anbar rather than the Green Zone. Was it to avoid having to rely upon Condi's mercenaries for escort from the airport? If Ambassador Crocker arrives for a meeting guarded by mercenaries and Bush arrives guarded by army grunts, will there be a photo op showing all that brotherly love?

I need to put a little more thought into how this fits into the equation, but the Bureau of Diplomatic Security used to do all of this kind of work, and had one of the best counterterrorist units in the US. For whatever reason, these folks have been being fired and replaced with either private contractors (like Blackwater) or foreign nationals. Truthout reporter William Fisher did a an interesting article on this a few months ago:


Additionally, maybe they ARE, to a significant extent, the spooks in Iraq for State. Blackwater, a one stop military/industrial/intelligence shop for State, who can no longer rely on DOD and other Cheney influenced agencies. State has made noise about phasing Blackwater out; it will be interesting to see if they actually do, and if so, if it is a sham change the logo kind of deal or transfer to another entity or whatever.

EW, are you suggesting that State is using Blackwater as an intelligence operation? That would certainly explain Cofer Black's participation in Blackwater. That has always seemed a bit odd to me, that Black would move to an organization concerned solely with bodyguard details.

So, is Blackwater a CIA proprietary?


I'm not sure I'd go that far. But Blackwater has gotten CIA business.

Not tinfoil at all. Several early stories on the Nisour Square shooting referred to the State and CIA contracts.

One of the big problems has been that spooks have been stuck in the green zone, unable to go out and pretend to do something productive and engaging while really trying to gather intel. So I imagine ferrying "electricity consultants" and "education advisors" is a substantial part of the Blackwater job.

They're not exactly invisible, but on the other hand they're not easy to take out. I can't imagine the Iraqis at the other end of these journeys are fooled for two minutes, either.

It's so many kinds of FUBAR I stopped counting in 2005.

EW, I think with Cofer Black's history and the close association between the CIA and American Special Forces (from whence Blackwater's CEO Prince hails)it is a good bet that Blackwater is Spook Central in Iraq. I wonder if there is a legal framework in place that allows private contractors to manage CIA "assets" in Iraq.

Iran Contra, on crack and steroids.

This isn't just our shoe-shopper's goon squad. It's OVP's, and it's being run with monies that are looser than they are at the Pentagon, lower degree of oversight.

Challenge is finding Shooter's fingerprints on this...

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