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October 25, 2007


Dan Burton, helpfully, reminds that Condi is not being prosecuted.



I heard that "yet" in my head too as I read that sentence.

Oh, I heard it as soon as BUrton said it.

if we let Amurika know about Iraqi coruption the turrerist win

If we let America know that it's funding Maliki's retirement rather than funding our kids' education, America is gonna be P-I-S-S-E-D-mad.

"I think corruption has gotten better and I think it has gotten worse. There are problems but there really aren't problems. I can do a net assessment but I can't do costume jewelry."

Jane S

LOL. Condi Rice in 2 sentences or less.

I have to go pick up my son in a few minutes from preschool. I think that I'll prefer reading your summary then listening to her grating (is it me or is her voice a chalkboard combination of condescension mixed with exasperation?) hedging.

Condi: I don't know how to be more candid. I don't know how to be less flattering.

Dear Ghu, does she even hear what she's saying?

Since Coit Blacker is so fascinated with the surface tension resiliency of Rice's rear end when coins are tossed at it; I have a few different projectiles I would like to run impact tests with.....


Hey now, that very same line was used with me, back when I was a very active ultimate frisbee player. I gotta say I was probably just as chuffed with the comment as Condi was.

Frightening to think this person may go back to Stanford, or to any other reputable university.

Ms. Rice should never have the opportunity to shove down the throats of hapless undergrads the special Condi mixture (on display again in this hearing) of condescension, obfuscation, & incompetence that passes for her "knowledge & expertise."

Bush's nickname for her used to be "Unsticker" because she would unstick any problems. People listen to her and say "eh?"

its ALL alice thru the looking glass now

apparently the army was investigating leaks to "The New Republic", and when the investigation was leaked to drudge, the army managed to produce this gem:

Foer said the Army has refused to turn over supporting documents in the case, despite a Freedom of Information Act request, and then "selectively leaked" material to Drudge. In an e-mail to the magazine yesterday, Army spokesman Maj. Kirk Luedeke said he was "surprised and appalled that this information was leaked" and that the military would investigate.

so the investigation into the TNR leaks was leaked to drudge, prompting a NEW investigation into leaks

there was apparently no word on who this investigation will be leaked to

does anybody see the problem here ???

I was watching Condi testify after not getting enough sleep, when I slipped into a dream.

In my dream, Sheldon Whitehouse asked Condi Rice the following question:

"Madam Secretary, I am going to ask you to define torture for the record. I am going to ask you this for one reason: Within the next ten years, I expect there to be war crimes trials, and I expect to be called as a witness. At those trials, I expect to be asked what I knew about the torturing of prisoners, and when I knew it. And I am going to tell them the truth, that I tried everything I could think of to make sure that if we were torturing, we stopped, and the people who engatged in it were brought to justice. I am, in foresight, building the record that will be evidence in those trials. With that in mind, Madam Secretary, I would like you to tell me what the administration's definition of "torture" is."

Of coourse, Whitehouse wasn't there, and nobody asked that, but it was a nice dream

"Condi: There is a lacuna in our law about this. "

What is a 'lacuna'? That is a new one on me...


A fancy word for "gap." Condi seems quite fond of it, bc she used it about 5 times.

I don't think she likes her job anymore. Let's hope she sticks around long enough to keep Cheney from launching WW3 from Iraq.


Therein lies the problem. I actually think Condi did a reasonably good job here, and in fact didn't play along with her Republican helpers on numerous occasions. They didn't want to talk about corruption. Condi must have said 100 times, "Iraqi corruption is bad."

And one of the underlying tensions here is that if Condi and State are depowered in Iraq, it frees Dick's hand in Iran. Ditto if COndi can't prevent Turkey from starting World War III in Kurdistan.

That drives me crazy when the opposition party spends their five minutes licking the witnesses boots and spinning the substantive issues to make them appear overstated or unimportant.

Dick knows how to spell quagmire, we just don't know if that's what he shooting for. Will the national debate about a second pre-emptive war, this time against Iran thereby initiating WW3, be held in public or behind closed doors in OVP and the Oval office. Last time, the Secretary of State and Secretary of Defense were never asked for their opinion. Perhaps this time they'll work more closely together and insist upon it. Well, maybe Gates will.


I for one am convinced now that corruption is a bad thing.

Can't we all just agree on that?

And by the way, didn't I say nothing would come of this "oversight" by Rep Waxham?

American Congressmen concerned about corruption in IRAQ?

We pots find those kettles exceeding black!

Next - congress holds hearings to decide if tennis is in fact played with a ball.


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