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October 23, 2007


I was struck by the intensity and anger of the Republicans, too, EW, on just the turfs you mention. The attacks on both Simpson and Thornburgh shocked me -- Forbes especially seems to have no regard for facts, for evidence, not to mention lives and reputations.

Artur Davis is brilliant, though. I don't wonder that so many of his colleagues yielded their time to him.

It's very dangerous for them, that they've got two lifelong Republicans reporting this kind of abuse. And they're more interested in attacking Thornburgh and saving Rove. It's a testament to how dangerous the underlying charges are.

OT - pretty crazy here. 350,000 evacuated, 1000 homes destroyed. We've been ordered to participate in a conf call with Bush. No one volunteered, so we're sending the Sales guy we all hate.

randiega, please tell me that was supposed to be funny because there's coffee spew all over my keyboard now.

I just saw at the Nat'l Fire Interagency website that there's a fire named "Rice" that is closing in on Oceanside & Pendleton. Thought of the San Onofre nuclear facility. And it looks like Blackwater won't have to be doing any brush clearing for the new compound....

Where are you / were you watching that? It's not on C-Span and I couldn't access it on the House Judiciary site.

actually, the biggest fire started in Potrero, which is where Blackwater is trying to locate. San Onofre isn't in any danger (yet). And the thing about Bush is true.


I WAS watching on House Judiciary. It ended around 1:30 or so.


What was the topic of the mandatory conference call? The fire? Or something else? Or the impact of the fire on your company's work?

Yeah, George has produced an emergency declaration. D. Hunter has talked someone into providing some C-130s, including one that can drop water or fire-retardant (and who and how I'll leave for others' speculation).

Randiego - We got half of Diego over here already, so if you need to escape to Phoenix, I got you covered; come on over. The agave is on ice and the margarita glasses ready for action.

Aw man, bmaz. I USED to live in one of the evacuated areas (well, close, anyway). Can I come too?

bmaz - thanks I'm all good. I'm in central SD core near the beach - we'll be fine.

EW - not about the company. The subject will be the emergency response by our customer, the County of SD. Also, we're helping FEMA setup some post-event response centers - not sure if that's part of it.

Also - a dozen homes gone in Poway - they are all evacuated. Rancho Bernardo is MUCH worse, at least 100 homes gone.

damn. my audio recording of the hearing dropped out after about 2 hours. does anyone have a complete file?

I saw that--my corner of Poway actually appears to be untouched (I lived just a little southwest of Poway High, close to Brent Wilkes' house though not inside "the gate").


I didn't record it, sorry.

EW - sorry for hijacking your thread.

Here's a collection of links if you're interested.

In those forums, under the Wildfire 2007 heading, you'll find at least one link blaming Democrats for the fires, and I just saw another one titled "Wildfires shouldn't allow our immigration laws to be ignored and border unenforced!"

All Diegans and and misplaced Diegans enjoying the thought of winter in Wolverine land are welcome. Consider it payback for what the Zonies from here do to you all in the summer......


That's alright. It's important.

thanks anyway, EW... maybe someone will turn up with a copy. i can't be the only one who times shifts listening to congressional hearings by ripping mp3s?

Don't mess with Karl!

Gosh, Jodi, I guess everyone here is speechless! Are you saying that Karl is responsible for the fires on the west coast? Is he retaliating or something? I know! I've got it! He set the fires so Bush can direct the disaster recovery and try to improve his image. I am willing to bet that there will be news crews on hand to capture him putting out the last flames...

Sojourner, you forgot to stipulate that Bu$h will give a short speech explaining that wildfires and drought have nothing -- not a thing! -- to do with Global Warming. The heat and lack of moisture are only temporary; they mean nothing.

Only an Islamofascist ClimateExtremistPerson or a tree hugging Wiccan would connect massive wildfires with climate change.

so we're all goin to BMAZ's house an actin like refugees ???

I heard of San Diego once ...

does that count

what if I don't like margaritas ???

can I get a shot of kesslers ???

There is a video of Thornburgh testifying yesterday at HJC at TPM Muckraker. I don't know how to link but here is the address:

I goofed, sorry.


try to stay on Topic.

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