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October 12, 2007


Don't know about the others, but if there are any significant complaints about Dan Knauss; I sure have not heard them and I would if they were there. The Chief Judge here is John Roll, a pretty calm, under the radar guy; not likely to create any commotion. I would be shocked if Knauss is not retained. Knauss is a very good guy and has been in the office forever; including several different leadership stints (mostly under Dem administrations). There is not one chance in hell the Bushies wanted to end up with Knauss; which in my eye, is way cool. Serves them right for canning Charlton; Paul was far closer to a "loyal Bushie" than Knauss. Heh heh.

Cardona's gone. Thomas O'Brien, an independent prosecutor, was confirmed by the Senate and appointed. And within a couple weeks, one of Lewis' staffers was subpoenaed.


Yeah, I think that's true of several of the Mountain State interims. And like you said, serves them right. They're not even competent at corruption--unless you're talking stealing votes.

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