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October 10, 2007


Pretty damned damning. Damnit. Great work as usual, EW.

Just a question:

Suppose Bush pardons his entire crime family on the way out the door in 2009.

Can we do a kind of OJ-Simpson-you-beat-the-criminal-rap-but-we'll-get-you-in-a-civil-action kind of thing with some vigorous civil RICO?

Jeebus! Reading Simpson's testimony makes me wonder just what country Alabama is in.

KKK rallys are just a normal weekend thing there apparently. Jeebus!

I apologize to any of the good folks that I know must live somewhere in Alabama, but Jeebus!

As a matter of fact, the Executive Officer I worked for in the service was from Alabama and he was a great guy, liberal, highly intelligent, mild-mannered, a real gentleman, and nothing at all like I'm reading in this transcript.

More reading of transcript in progress...

Scott Horton has been following and writing about the Seigelman in Harpers Magazine since June. It is a very good resource on the whos' and whys' of Alabama Republicans' dirty tricks in this case.

And another place for the ins and outs is The Birmingham News with this article: Lawyer adds to her affidavit on Siegelman

at http://www.al.com/news/birminghamnews/index.ssf?/base/news/1192005492139550.xml&coll=2&thispage=1


Yup, I've been reading.

More Simpson transcript goodies:

Q So your statement is that Rob Riley told you that Terry Butts had essentially given Don Siegelman two messages, this business about the Klan rally and the democrat putting up the signs would go away and the threat of prosecution from the justice department would go away?
A Yes.
Q If what, if he conceded?
A If he conceded.

Hope lots of folks are reading, and getting real angry. The way these guys operate deserves a RICO prosecution. Wouldn't that be sweet?

Oh jeez...

Public Integrity? Another supposedly elite and untouchable DOJ unit destroyed by Rove.

I don't know who I'd like to see pay more. The Bush junta, or the assclowns that refused to see what was going on.


we don't have to make a choice, you know. :)

let's demand it all !!

try the the miscreants and the enablers,

and, if guilty,

throw all the bastards in the calaboose.

let god, and charles colsen, sort them out

while they serve.

Mad Dogs:

Scott Horton at Harper's insists that the Birmingham News is one of the very worst offenders in this case, a GOP mouthpiece from beginning to end. Just thought I'd pass that on.

if you are going to go to harper's mag

and read scott horton's "no comment column" about alabama politics,

you are obliged to also read horton's essai on re-reading don quixote,

"the dilemmas of the moor's return".

it is a beautiful reflective piece of writing about returning, when older, to something you had read years earlier.

damn, i wish i could think and write like that.

but second best, i can read scott horton.

Thanks for that "heads-up" texas dem! Didn't know that. In reading both Scott Horton's stuff and The Birmingham News, I get the impression that "Muddy Waters" just ain't a name.

There you go again, beating up on poor Karl Rove.

Don't you remember the last time you had him cornered and were ready to string him up on the Plame-Wilson tree?

Some people are slow learners.

Do we know if PIN handled the demotion and removal of Prosecutor Frederick Black in Guam? If so, we could connect Rove's undue influence with PIN to an adverse action by them that directly benefitted Super Crook Jack Abramoff.

The Nation, 2/2/2006

"Sources confirm that in early November 2002 Black contacted the Public Integrity Section, the unit currently heading the department's Abramoff task force, and asked for assistance in investigating Abramoff's lobbying activities. . . Justice forwarded the information to the Deputy Attorney General's office and the Office of Legal Policy (OLP), which generally handles such concerns.

". . . Sources close to the probe say the information was likely passed on to then-White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales, who worked closely with Justice on such matters. "Those heads of OLP who are pretty well connected deal directly with the White House counsel," says Lee Casey, a former OLP aide under Reagan and Bush I...

"Despite Justice's refusal to help him, Black convened a grand jury, which subpoenaed the Abramoff contract with the Superior Court on November 18, 2002. The next day the Bush Administration announced that Black would be replaced as US Attorney and demoted him to Assistant US Attorney, after twelve years on the job. His replacement was Guam's Assistant Attorney General, Leonardo Rapadas. "Fred was removed because he asked to indict Abramoff," says one of Black's colleagues at Justice. "I don't believe it was a coincidence."

"Rapadas's conduit to the White House, veteran Washington lobbyist Fred Radewagen, "had access all the way up to Karl Rove," says David Sablan, former head of the Guam Republican Party. At the time of Black's demotion, former Abramoff aide Susan Ralston was working as a top assistant to Rove, a post she still holds."

TPM summary of events surrounding Black's demotion

The Harper's website has become a daily visit for me because of Scott Horton. It's worth your time to go back and read all his posts on the Siegelman case. By the way, Jodi, Karl Rove has deep ties to Alabama politics.

The Siegelman case is going blow wide, wide open. Probably starting tomorrow. There's too much wrongdoing involved in it and once folks cast the tiniest glance at it, they can see how bad it looks. The whole political establishment in Alabama is going to get caught on this. The newspapers too. Some folks think it was the reason Rove resigned when he did.

I love this quote about the case:

“I’ve never seen anything quite like this,” remarked a nationally known print journalist in a conversation three weeks ago. “Everything I’ve been told by the convicted defendants checks out as the gospel truth. And everything I’m told by federal prosecutors who pushed the case turns out either to be an outrageous lie or at least a very serious distortion. And the local journalists who wrote the most about the case all behave like they’re accessories after the fact in a criminal investigation.”

I think things are going to get really interesting really soon. So many scandals/threads coming together. It's interesting to watch who else is lawyering up, when they did and 'who' got busted just before that time..
I don't believe they can stop the train that is running them down. I think they are starting to prepare 'personal defense of action statements' . So, how long before we hear
'I didn't want do it, but they had phones records and pictures and it would have hurt so many people. They made me do it'. ;)

Completely OT, but scary when you think just whom is 'In Control'.

Kurt Nimmo
October 11, 2007

Last September, Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne indicated the military would use “nonlethal weapons” against “fellow citizens” before they use them in “a wartime situation.”

Kurt Nimmo
October 11, 2007

Last September, Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne indicated the military would use “nonlethal weapons” against “fellow citizens” before they use them in “a wartime situation.”

Opps, sorry about the double thingy. Fingers stuttered...

Rove and the White House ALWAYS had their hand on the DOJ scale.

Remember back when Abramoff first broke and it took AG John Ashcroft three months to recuse himself from getting DAILY updates on the case.

And remember how the number of acceptable DOJ-White House points of contact jumped from 4 (Clinton) to 400 (Bush)?

Not a coincedence.

Thank you, smoke!

So, the implication of EW's article is:

If we take the Siegelman and Guam Cases as just two exemplars (among many) that are getting increasingly clearer - moving towards "easy for the Man on the Street to understand" storylines - as examples of BushCo's nefarious activities, then it seems that Rove and Gonzo left when they got 'rolled-up' in a Massive Corruption Probe that Can Only Keep Rolling Right Up to Bush.

It seems more obvious now - Rove couldn't have forced favorable 'Resource Allocations' in PIN.

Only Bush could have done that...

Remember that Shrub, when he was AWOL from TANG, was campaigning for someone in Alabama. Maybe there's some kind of long-term debt involved.

Don't you love the irony of Jodi talking about anyone else being a slow learner?

Wiping up the coffee recently sprayed all over my keyboard...

Who did Domenici 'go to' when he wanted to 'get rid' of that pesky Rule of Law guy, Iglesias?

Rove followed by Bush, with AG Gonzo and His Band of DoJ Loyalists winking-and-nodding.

Iglesias gone.

You realize that if the South had won the Civil War... Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and the rest would all be rotting in their own puddle of corruption and filth without affecting the rest of us Americans.

How much influence do Mexico or Canada have upon our politics? Precious little. They make the occasional speech, but don't drag us into wars, drain our coffers, or involve us in torture and spying and mercenaries run amuck.

Good ol' boys.

Texas mafia?


If the black sheep of the family get written out of the Bible, perhaps these states could get written out of the Constitution? When they're willing to be civilized and follow the Rule of Law, they can petition to be allowed back.

After a hundred year probationary period.

Who did Abramoff 'go to' when he wanted to 'get rid' of that pesky Rule of Law guy, Black?

Rove followed by Bush, with WH Counsel Gonzo and His Band of WH Loyalists winking-and-nodding.

Black gone.

Who did Riley(?) 'go to' when he wanted to 'get rid' of that pesky Rule of Law guy, Siegelman?

Rove followed by Bush, with AG Gonzo and His Band of DoJ Loyalists winking-and-nodding.

Siegelman gone.

Wrongfully prosecuted at the time of a primary election.

Think about that! A former Governor, and then-current 2006 Candidate for Governor, of one of the United States of America, was wrongfully targeted for prosecution - using the Federal Legal System - for political reasons by BushCo.

PS - Rove and 'computer gliches' on Election Night that 'swing' the results to BushCo just seem to go together - Riley's election over Siegelman in Alabama in 2002, and Bush's Presidency in Ohio in 2004.

Renowned Political Blogger to Discuss Online Journalism Terras Irradient

One hell of a thread!
radiofreewill, you are on a roll ;-)

Siegelman's persecution has been the most compelling read since Plame and the USAG firings, but I'd love to better grasp how it ties in with the telecom and NSA and FISA abuses.

Controlling information about electronic communications would be necessary to:
(1) hide electronic transmissions to (and from) servers that contain electronic voting data, such as Siegelman in 2002 and Bu$hCo in 2004, and also
(2) enable Rove/Cheney to listen in on the legal strategies of their political victims (Siegelman and Black; and even Abramoff).

Given Congressional willingness to immunize the telecoms, we'll never know the extent to which NSA and FISA phone tamperings affected the ability of Bu$hCo functionaries to keep themselves out of jail, while at the same time listening in to phone transmissions of Siegelman discussing his legal strategy with his attorneys. So far, Scott Horton hasn't written anything to connect the FISA and NSA abuses with the Siegelman case, but it only stands to reason that there must be plenty of (creepy) linkages between the phone tampering and the political persecutions.

FWIW, this Siegelman story looks to be a 'blockbuster' and I hope it breaks wide, wide open soon.

Thanks for the collaboration - this site is like a clear reflecting pool buzzing with intelligence sharing.

We might be able to template all of the Attorneys Fired in the USA Scandal like this:


Who did xxx 'go to' when he wanted to 'get rid' of that pesky Rule of Law guy, yyy?

Rove followed by Bush, with AG Gonzo and His Band of DoJ Loyalists winking-and-nodding.

yyy gone.


So, for instance,

Who did [???] 'go to' when he wanted to 'get rid' of that pesky Rule of Law gal, Lam?

If the pattern matches significantly enough for the eight or nine involved, then we can propose a Viable Answer to the Question:

Who put the Names on the List, and why didn't Any of the DoJ Staff know anything about it, or the process used?

radiofreewill, awesome ;-)

You appear to be proposing nested conditonals, where the looping repetitions have only two levels (Y/N; repeated by Y/N).
You've unveiled the structure of their simplistic logic; many thanks.
The clarity does add a rather chilling focus, IMHO.

But in terms of what the Dept of 'Justice' should mean, it's profoundly tragic and disgusting.

Some people are slow learners.
Posted by: Jodi | October 11, 2007 at 01:20

Yes and some people are blind to facts by their own beliefs.

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