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October 25, 2007


The May 15th Prophecy has accurately predicted the situation in Pakistan.

The May 15th Prophecy has been the only source that have given detail with 100% accuracy of what is really happening in Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and the greater Middle East

You should do a Goggle search of the “May 15th Prophecy” or go to

Leon -- That's nuts the Vile Creature has been revealed his name is Bush.

How can Condi say it is not our money that is funding militias. Just because it does not flow directly from us does not mean that it did not derive indirectly from us.
What law is condi citing that corruption can not be discussed in a public forum. By God it my tax money, it certainly does not fall under the pervue of State Secerets that I can see. This is digusting behavior by an Adminstrative offical.

It is instructive, perhaps, to read in parallel Steve Bradbury's 2004 olc justification of an individual right to arm bears, and the more recent tale of the slippage which is the morph from conscriptive to majority mercenary military. I would be interested in Rice's reflections on ways to improve diplomacy, as the course of social unrest in the past six decades globally seems to have lessened efficacy of diplomats. I would ask how much of the mercenary tasking is non diplomatic bodyguarding. In the end I think Rice is paying for the heedless vision of her seniors in the administration; and I would hope her imaginativeness, such as it is, need not retreat back to the knowns of iron curtains and bamboo curtains. Maybe reading a little history of how the Arabs seeded the Enlightment in Europe by bring back the Greek classic works on democracy will help alleviate the malaise this clumsy global politik seems to have engendered. It seems civil societies have the capacity to outgrow eradicative strategies, even the one planned at ToraBora, or, rather, the one unavailable in 2003 but maybe in r+d.

Seems that I remember there were BILLIONS of dollars of US greenbacks that just vaporised in Iraq -- Oh, but none of that has been used to fund insurgency. Get real.

And when are we going to quit letting then call this and insurgency. It's a fucking civil war. We have NO control what-so-ever in Iraq. We are their playbook now.

I'm so sick of this political theater. We need to roll some heads in '08.

If what Waxman sees in those documents reveals violations of the Constitution, no law can stop him from speaking out publicly. The Constitution trumps any private agreement about keeping secrets.

In fact, it is the duty of any Congressperson, Senator or President to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

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