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October 30, 2007


Because of higher infant mortality and the cumulative differences, a higher percentage of whites are alive at every age until about 90. But again, a larger or nearly equal percentage of Black females are alive as white males from about age 30 on, and they steadily outpace white men from age 72 on.

These statistics are all as of 2003. If trends have continued, the differences between races would have narrowed.

Tanner is not only insensitive, but wrong.

sorry, that's a bit too polite for my tastes

Tanner is a fucking racist piece of shit idiot who was flat fucking caught using his racist stereotypes and fucked up morallity to LIE to the people of the United States. his conclusions are FLAT FUCKING WRONG as well as being racist and isulting

john tanner has NO FUCKING CLUE about voter demographics OR cartisian scientific methods. Because he is lacking such basic knowledge about the subject matter of the committee he would serve on, and because he's a fucking liar, and because he's a fucking racist, and because he's a fucking idiot, john tanner isn't fucking qualified to serve the People of The United States

I'm not even sure that john tanner should be allowed to vote (Isn't lying to Congress a federal felony offense ???)

when I want it to stick, I give it to them loud and dirty


hey, dumsfeld just got charged with torture in France, whodathunkit ???

the repuglican party is just beginning to enjoy the great big glass of shit that george bush poured for them

under the terms of the ICC, any member Nation has a responsibility to arrest those who have committed CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY

look at this gem from a commondreams article:

“Rumsfeld must understand that he has no place to hide,” Ratner added in a statement after filing the complaint. “A torturer is an enemy of all humankind.”

the repuglican party gets to spend it's remaining days defending the indefensible

I'll bet the shit stain even takes a whack at defending torture once in a while

and then they try to call themselves christians

the real question isn't who would Jesus torture

the real question is:


dick cheney says that's a "no brainer"

It goes without saying that he's a racist. But his rationalization is also wrong. Although there is a difference based on early mortality, as people age Black survival rates actually begin to outpace whites. And, of course, everyone knows that women outlive men. The discrepancy is so great that Black women outlive white men, on average. But of course he wouldn't think about that, to the extent he thinks, because he's evidently a sexist too.

Every now and then someone comes along who can slowly and arduously, but with great determination, jam both feet deeply into his mouth, and show everyone with Pride!

The NYT is saying:

"Tanner has come under fire for clearing a Georgia law that requires voters to show government-issued photo IDs at the polls. It was upheld by a federal judge last month." link follows.

upheld the same law or the rewritten one.


statistics are like probability. It is very important on "how" you look at the numbers, and lots of times, the first glance is wrong. (... rubbing my Pi Mu Epsilon pin for luck)

What you say is true in the start of the thread, but it doesn't have much to do with what Tanner said.
He is looking at the cumulative numbers, where at any age, the total number of black males that have died off WRT(with respect to) their original group is more than the white males WRT their group.

Then you start comparing black females to white males forgetting that the proper comparison should be black females to white females.

I don't know if the final numbers Tanner is using justify his actions, but you should get the statistics right and not compare apples to oranges.

Again Tanner is saying that if you start off with a group of whites (male and female) and some smaller number of blacks (male and female) in the same state, for that is the demographics of it, then as they get older a greater percentage of whites WRT their original group, will be alive than the blacks WRT their original group.

I agree you can ask "so what?"

But don't muddy the waters with a mixed up analysis.

By the way, at 90, not that many (total number) people are voting unfortunately no matter what their race So again that point is misleading.

And my opinion is that we need a national ID card for everyone, and if someone doesn't have it, then the Government should make it their business to get them one without making it a hardship. i.e. I could see sending a team (just like the census) to the old people whether black or white, and at their home ask the questions, verify their standing, fill out the forms, and deliver back to them the card. Of course the team would have representatives of both races to to monitor and mollify any fears. Yes this would cost money, but it would only have to be done once.


My last words "upheld the same law or the rewritten one" was meant to be a question. Sorry for any confusion and hope someone can see past Jodi's interruption to give me an answer.

In any case, NYT is emphasizing the apology and not the poor performance.


glad to read your thoughts here gain.

this argument seems one with the argument which justice scalia employed in gore v bush (or were the names reversed?)

it is the infamous

"black is white",

"good is bad",

"whites are disadvantaged",

"candidate bush will suffered irreparable damage"

that both george orwell and scalia have made famous in our lifetime (in mine, at least).

orwell was being sarcastic about an authoritarian political system in england.

scalia was being "sincere" in an effort to manufacture a legal argument to vault his favored candidate into the presidency,

using his position as a united states supreme court justice as a legal fulcrum.

announcing that the opposite of reality is reality is a well-established propaganda tactic.

affirmative action (for blacks) is discrimination.

white male professors are being discriminated against when female professors are given tenure.

american democracy is imperiled without government spying.

making false assertions and then declaring them an accurate map for action is, at present,

a fundamental technique of american rightwing politicians explaining their views or policies to the american public.

Fake data is the province of swine.

Just ask Karl.

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