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October 16, 2007


OT: Tonight, Frontline episode "Cheney's Law" features extensive interviews with Jack Goldsmith. Here in Phila. metro, it's on WHYY at 10:30pm. PBS Frontline link. It's also viewable online.

Cool Marcy I will talk to you when you are back in town

Off to solve the US auto woes. Jeebus, saving American democracy might be easier. Couple of suggestions. One, you are going to need single payer universal healthcare. Two, you'll never beat the Japanese, Koreans and Germans at what they already do; better to skip ahead to the next generation/iteration of drivetrain ASAP and make them chase that.

EW, I agree with bmaz. Good luck.
However are you involved in the development of the next generation of cars such as the flying car?!
I know NASA has already commissioned the software to do the "traffic control" for the public flyspace which will be below airplane flight paths.

Make sure that they grandfather in steering wheels--I cannot stay on a the road using a joystick when competing against my nephews on Sony Playstation.

pdaly - Boy, you ain't kidding. I used to be private pilot. Learned how to fly on Cessnas and Mooneys with the nice little steering wheels. Went up with a friend in his aerobatic plane with the stick. I found no "joy" at all with the control stick; about killed both of us....

Lucky people at Amherst. Wish I could listen too, but alas, even my Honda doesn't go that far.

long time lurker from springfield who loves your work will try to be there!!!!

EW, any chance you'll be swinging by the eastern part of the state? Amherst is a bit of a haul from here, but I'll come if I can. I haven't been back to Amherst in years, perhaps I should use this as an excuse to go, even if you are planning on making it further east...


Yeah--I'll be doing an event at BC in November.

EW -- thanks for the scoop! I just registered for the BC event in November, so I'll skip the long drive tomorrow. I don't know how your social calendar looks for the November event, but I know a fine Irish pub where a thirsty panelist can find a welcome pint o'Guinness...

Aye Phred, git her some bangers and mash for me too!

bmaz -- bangers and mash?!? Time to whip out my Gaelic-English dictionary ;) Here, I thought I was on top of things knowing about using malt vinegar instead of ketchup on the fries. Guess not, eh?

I luuuuuv bangers and mash.....or bratwurst and fried potatoes...I digress....lol


I'll try to drive from Boston to Amherst tomorrow if I can get out of my meeting early. Is it 2 hours to Amherst?

Unfortunately, looks like I'll miss your November talk at BC. Sister's wedding will be across town.

E', You should get a November laugh if you repeat the triple aphorism about Emmanuel, Amherst, and what was the other institution in the region whose social life was flexible? I used to help recruit for that institution, and the officials ignored the long paragraphs, though likely were sure it was the years study in foreign institutions that classicalized the diction. re: UM, I once met the ex dean of students who might have worked at the time you were there; she was marketing minicomputers for IBM when minis were very obsolete, prolonging the life of a senescent product; as I recall she resembled VPlame, somewhat; nah, impossible.


That may come in handy--I may have mr. emptywheel in tow in November.

EW, only too happy to help :) Can't promise you bangers and mash though, but where there's Guinness on tap, well, what more do you need? Looking forward to meeting you and the mr.

The bangers and mash was somewhat of a joke. Stick with the fish and chips, I certainly would. Heh. Course you might want to mate some black with your tan......

Bangers and mash? Wouldn't bubble and squeak be more likely?


Any chance they also have Beamish? I'm hankering for a good Beamish pour.

EW, not sure, but I'll find out. And if they don't, well heck it's Boston, there's bound to be a pub that has it... I'll do my best to find you one ;)

Atta boy Phred; keep em happy and plied with the right kind of alcohol! It is the key to existence here in my household......

I'll do my best bmaz, nothing like a panel discussion to make one thirsty after all ;) And for the record I go in for all black (rugby reference, couldn't help myself ;) but I'm married to a fan of the odd practice of watering down the black with some tan...

Thats freaking hilarious! I used to have friends who were ruggers in college; I used to go watch their matches. I was introduced to black and tans while hitting on their girlfriends on the sideline. Heh heh!

Marcy, I regret I cannot attend tonight. I would so enjoy hearing you sepak. Knock em dead. If you're around this weekend for Homecoming, I'll introduce myself. I look forward to attending your talk at BC in November. That's just a stone's throw away.

Looking for Guinness, Beamish, Bangers, Mash & Peas in the Hub? This will get you there. Phred, a banger is a sausage and mash potatoes.

Neil, just tried your link, but it didn't seem to work... I'm open to suggestions. Hope to meet you at BC! In the meantime, I'll brush up on my Irish cuisine ;)

Oops, try this Boston Pubs Irish

Preview is my friend. Perview is my friend. See you in November!

Awesome! Thanks Neil -- see you soon!

phred, hey there's a place called The Last Hurrah at 60 School Street. Dunno if its nice or if they have Beamish.

Oooo, that would be perfect. We have a month, looks like I'll have to start doing my homework looking for Beamish -- it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it ;)

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