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September 06, 2007


It wasn't enough that the Bushies are making our children pay for their war; he had to ruin their schools as well by converting the curriculum to "skill and drill".

Anyway to argue that DHS move into Department of Ed and take on NCLB benchmarks--which truly are unrealistic and unfair. NCLB is a quintessential flawed methodology, after all.

After a lifetime post-academia, for her own reasons, my partner has returned to education and ended up teaching in a moderately selective, academically respectable university.

At the end of every semester, she posts the students' grades -- and waits in anticipation of the deluge: whining emails asking her to raise their marks. She's not hard on them; if they manage to complete their homework and write a few pages more or less on topic they can pass her class. If they actually engage with the subject matter and do those things, they can get Bs and sometimes As. But some fraction of the class always feels that by complaining they can get their grades raised.

Is this what students learn these days -- squeak away and you'll change the assessment? Do they then go work for the Bushies?

Janinsanfran: your partner's students may have only had NCLB for a small fraction of their public school career. Imagine these poor NCLB kids who will have their whole education tainted by this monster. They won't know how to think critically or analyze because teachers are forced to spend most of the day drilling them for the NCLB state tests. My daughter just started 2nd grade, they've been preparing her for our state's 3rd grade test since she was in Kindergarten. So I'm afraid my point is that it will get worse before it gets better--the ones whining about their grades may look downright academic compared to the ones that Bush is determined not to leave behind.

jane s.


it's "skill and drill" at all levels for all types of children.

that's what happens when an education "reform" bill is intended to look good and sound good, rather than do good.

orionATL--it is really heartbreaking when your kid ends up a victim. But at home, she reads/and has been read Tolkien, Lewis, Dahl, Rowling, and countless others. I try to remain positive that I can subvert the public school stupidity...

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