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September 06, 2007


DHS needs a fresh infusion of regular Americans.

Maybe we could put a bill into Congress that would give victims of Hurricane Katrina and other survivors of homeland insecurities extra consideration for jobs in the department.

DHS needs a decapitation. At a minimum, Chertoff and anyone who is in direct contact with him should be given 50 years' hard labor, crushing concrete in Cleveland.

DHS needs to be disbanded. If for no other reason than the use of "homeland" in the title of a US government department. I still cringe every time i see it. The fascist-authoritarian connotations have no place in this country, and we would be much better off dumping it. As EW says, it is a union busting fraud at best, and will never fulfill its function.

Yeah I don't like the 'Homeland' in the title either..reminds me of another regime..and the 'Motherland'...or how the Hawaiians hate the term the 'Mainland'. How about just National Security Department? Hmmm or is that taken already? FEMA should never been under that anyway...what a dumb idea! FEMA should be a stand alone organization that has feeder org's that feed into it for the various needs it may have...whether it be Food,Housing and Relocation Services, Red Cross Services, National Guard Services, National Weather Services etc. When a disaster kicks in there should be red flag that goes off within FEMA and their feeder organizations with their agendas that are usually required when a big disaster hits..they usually all need the same needs, at least the basics. Hmmm maybe they need a woman heading it up....lol grin :-)

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