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September 26, 2007


Brilliant. Now Congress can't be investigated because of Congressional privilege. Where, then, do they get the moral authority to demand documentation from the White House? They don't, right?

But we can still vote , right ?

Frederick @ 21:01: "But we can still vote, right?"

Maybe not for long, or at not least meaningfully, if Daniel Ellsberg is anywhere close to target.

Thanks for the link. I sent Ellsberg's speech to my Senator, Dianne Feinstein, although I don't know if it will help.

Now you see why I said I would subpoena their chiefs of staff or other moneybaggers too?


Nope. Not if the point is akin to graymail.

Well as to Larry Craig.

Hennepin Co. Judge heard the case yesterday, and announced his decision should be expected at the end of next week. Thereafter, Craig issued a press release to the effect that he will stay in the Senate, and await the Judge's deliberations. If he does not get his plea stricken, I suppose he could also spend the next year appealing the court decision...

Interesting stuff actually. The Co. Attorney who handled the case between June and August had fairly extensive phone records with Craig, and these reflect Prosecutor telling Craig to get a Lawyer. In addition, after the plea was entered, and before all this went public, Craig sent the Prosecutor a nice Thank You Note. Now in evidence.

Seems that the Prosecutor's response to Craig's effort to take back his plea was that Political Interests have nothing to do with the truth of the matter, guilt or innocence, and all the rest. Not the function of the Hennepin Co. Courts to service political interests. Records of phone calls, recommendation that Craig seek representation, and the nice little Thank You note (wonder if he included a Smiley?) all go to the conclusion the plea was entered in good faith. I don't think things look too hot for Craig in the Hennnepin Co. Courts.

Craig's attorney apparently attempted to introduce evidence that Craig claims he is not Gay -- ruled inadmissable as irrelevant to the issue at hand.

RE: The Craig angle --

We'll know you're right, EW, by whether the Republicans still make a big stink to get him gone. If you're right -- and I suspect you are -- then they'll keep schtum about this until the Wilkes case is done and the subpoena threat vanishes, which they're hoping will be well before the 2008 election season begins in earnest. THEN he will leave.

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