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September 07, 2007


So, despite the Surge!, the vaunted "counter-insurgency" tactics of Betraeus (no typo!)and the additional deployment of tens of thousands of American troops, the real "plan" for security in Iraq is to dust-off the Negroponte Central American death squad gambit and find the most loathsome, brutal and moneyhungry mofo around to bring part of the country to heel? "Kickin' ass" indeed Shrub! If he passes the audition, maybe Shrub could make him dictator and have him start a war against Iran, just like Rummy set up for Reagan in the 80s. Cheney's partyin' like its 1985.

If a picture says a thousand words, then a few of them for that one would be:

‘Yukking it up’ over the End of Centralized Federal Government in Iraq.

Just sickening.

Thanks emptywheel.

Abdul Sattar Abu Risha. Suleiman called Abu Risha a "traitor" who "sells his beliefs, his religion and his people for money."

I'm fairly sure someone read that quote to Dubya, and he responded, "Make sure I meet this guy -- sounds like my kind of fellow!"


That would explain Bush's sickening smile. It's been a while since he met a fellow traveler.

So they've found their new brutal dictator, have they? The guy that will bring stability so the US can leave, but will be "partnered" in the oil revenues. Remember, Saddam was once our kind of guy, too.

I'm so sickened at what we've done.

Oh no, Sadaam was much more honorable, competent, predictable and capable than this guy.

And the cycle begins anew.

Just sickening. What a sad, sad nation we've become.

The surge is just to try to keep the thugs in control so they "don't come over here". I really feel sorry for the troops...what lambs to the slaughter they have become. They really should have thought this whole(ly) war out completely from the start. But it's too late now, it has become a quagmire. We need some smart thinking and plans now to try to have the least amount of casualties but I don't see a bright future for a long long long time in all this mess.

Sheikh Sattar probably did not want to be defiled by looking at the infidel DOG. Humiliating...

I find this entire thing utterly disgusting. I am, indeed, ashamed.
But I'm not ashamed of George W. Bush. Or Abu Risha. Or the Iraq war. In fact, I'm proud of these things; what we've done, what we're doing. Certainly, errors have been made, but these are minor in comparison to what we've delivered. Democracy; Liberty; Welfare. Abu Risha was not another Saddam; he was a tribal leader who fought and, tragically, died for his belief that Iraq would not fall to our common enemy, al-Qaeda.
So please, spare the ridiculous criticism for someone like Abu Ayyub al-Masri, who killed Americans, Britain’s and Iraqi's on a daily basis as leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq.
And, in point of fact, it was Abu Risha and his men who killed him.

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