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September 10, 2007


Incompetence or Hackery? You decide... (psst, answer starts with H).

It's all to drain the treasury dry and to eventually tell us there just isn't any money left and we're going to have to sacrifice Social Security.


Yup, with one addition: drain the coffers dry and funnel the money to donors.

...did that surprise anyone...they should have been ashamed of themselves to make all that Medicare choices for the elderly so difficult...how many understood it...how much more confusing could that have been, how many elderly go online for anything...what a scam. Let's stick to everyone but the rich of course!!!!!! Yeah that reporter was right when he said the 'tunneling out of America'.....their tunneling right under our feet for our blood....!

The Bush Toolbox- revamping the entire administration and governance of American society using the only tool in the box--a huge hammer, good for screwing up everything in sight, ubiquitously retuning in favor of socialized corporatocracy. If it ain't broken--say it is and fix it anyway. What a tool!

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