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September 24, 2007


"The Sunday shows are still just worthless hot air. But it's a start that they're beginning to worry about being seen as worthless hot air."

That made my day

Condi "I know nothing" Rice. Fact-free, and proud of it!

It's still example A that Dick Cheney controls Tim Russert.

Condi's in the dog house with Codpiece and Shooter - she 'drew the line' on attacking Iran without consulting the Congress, and said she would have to leave the Administration if they did!

Cheney's response? He yanked her from the Shows so she could pack her shoes, piano music and autographed copy of "Keys to Winning in The Hague."

From here on out, they're managing her not for 'contribution,' but for 'liability.'

Where does the Bush family keep finding minorities that have actually achieved something and get them to carry their water?

Not just Rice, but also Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell and (a stretch) Alberto Gonzales. It is so obvious they will not just abandon, but also attack and treat like trash any of them that dares try to show some independence (now that's where Gonzo shines - he proved he's a lapdog to the bitter end).

As a minority (hispanic) with very good fortune (a family that could provide me with a College education), I think I speak for most minorities (and for many others that dare not say it because it might be politically incorrect): where do they keep finding these people willing to shit on their own in order to please the master?

If the networks didn't like the talking heads, and I mean all of them, they could just turn off their mike when they start spewing talking points or just won't shut up. It is like the networks live in a technology vacuum. I think, as a host, I would put in a secret button which would sound like a bad mike, and maybe put some confusing feedback in their ear when they start reading from a script. But of course it is all a happy game these folks are playing and we are the unfortunate suckers. I mean, I know things are insane when I start to think that Pat Buchanan is the only civil and sensible guest/stooge/prop!

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