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September 07, 2007


I am a Canadian. I lived in the Pacific Grove-Monterey California area during the early 70`s. Then I was nowhere near interested in politics, but I was amazed at the American System which pursued Nixon till he resigned, I still remember how the citizens of the United States were glued to their television sets watching the demise of their President and elected leader. The American System of Administation and Justice is still intact. It must be applied now to eradicate this Cancer within the Whitehouse, for the future of the world.

That was then--this is now. Now we are almost all consumers not citizens. That, plus outrage overload for those who pay attention, is the root of the apathy.

Steve Elliott - fellow Canuck here, just want to point out to our American friends that our present Prime Minister and Bush lover Stephen Harper, also elected with only 36% of the vote, should also be removed ASAP. Just this morning, I have read that Canada has joined with Russia and Colombia (!) of all countries, to try and destroy the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, despite unanimous support from govt departments from Foreign Affairs to National Defense, and the support of the previous govt. Oh, and there is also word that he may commit Canada, a leading uranium producer, to join the US and other nuclear western countries in the Global Nuclear Partnership, and agree to repatriate all the nuclear waste from Canadian uranium to Canada for storage, or as the Tories put it, "reprocessing". We have a Prime Minister who spent his political formative years as the head of the right wing lobby group the National Citizens Coalition, which would be comparable to the head of the American Enterprise Institute being elected President. The Aussies seem about to boot John Howard, I can only hope that Little Stephen will not be far behind.

"why oh why can't the Democrats learn to stand strong and do what the public wants"

There is only one answer, and I've known it since they refused to investigate Reagan for the Iran/Contra Consitutional violations:

The Democratic leadership is in league with the GOP against the intrests of the citizenry.

$$$$ now is the REAL citizen, flesh is just for worker bees....'want fries with that'

(p.s....born a Canuck but grew up in the US of A)

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