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September 12, 2007


Best headline in TNH history!

We need more dead awake - but alas they eat brains and the food supply in Washington is very low.

Say, that IS a snappy headline.

But I was going to comment on the "surprised he didn't get away with it this time"--to say that just because they caught him, doesn't mean they'll do a damn thing about it. The dead may now be awake, but their lack of an internal skeleton seems to be keeping them from arising.

I am told by senior American officials that U.S. assistance to German intelligence was based on collection under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), several months before its modification by Congress in August.

Without more details, or a changed story, I'm not buying that the collection (acquisition is the term in the law) was under FISA at all. The reported acquisition was of a cellphone conversation, with a cellphone in Pakistan, and the other end of the conversation in Stuttgart.

And if there was further assistance by US authorities, the desire to cloak "methods and procedures" will prevent admitting or denying that.

Ah the sweet smell of oversight in the morning. It smells like... like... well it smells like victory.

At yesterday’s hearing before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, Senator Leiberman asked you whether the so-called Protect America Act, which President Bush signed into law on August 5, 2007, facilitated the detection of the German terrorist plot.

You responded, “Yes sir, it did.”

This statement is at odds with information I have received.

Excellent! Reyes behaving like a chairman and calling bullshit. Let us know, Marcy, when the public correction is made by McConnell. I won't sleep well until it happens.

Une petite chose de ThinkProgress:

DNI McConnell: I Lied To The Senate

"I bet he's surprised he didn't get away with it this time."

Surprised, sure..

Does he really care?


Bush has one exit strategy, and it is all about returning to the ranchette and has nothing to do with Iraq.

" I'm not buying that the collection (acquisition is the term in the law) was under FISA at all." Thats exactly what I was saying yesterday; this doesn't have the apparent indicia of anything more than what the NSA has been doing ever since they were formed, not FISA related. But then again, the punks in Miami that couldn't afford tennis shoes and cell phones, were a big terrorist bust that saved the Sears Tower or something (couple of them didn't even know where it was).

Sorry Dismayed, but the prize for best headline still is "Sweet Judy Blew Lies", IMO.

I'm starting to think that the interview with the El Paso Times was a serious blunder on McConnell's part. He clearly doesn't understand the dynamics of Hispanic culture. Giving that interview created the appearance of a personal bond between Reyes and McConnell. Following that up with an obvious lie to force Reyes' hand will be seen as a personal affront to Reyes' honor. That is a serious cultural faux pas (and an unforced error, to boot).

Thanks for the vote, greenhouse. It's a personal favorite.

Pure genius EW, pure genius. If I had half the poetry you possess in your left pinky, I'd be a billionaire on MTV!

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