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September 10, 2007


the map shows a ring of cases in the southeastern region of the island. is something special going on there, or is that just where the population density is?

Also worth noting that H5N1 has gotten into the avian migration routes. These routes are incredibly extensive and allow rapid spread of the virus. If it is not in North America now, it will be soon. Americans will become more concerned at that point--if for no other reason than the impact the virus may have on the chicken industry.

Perhaps also worth noting that H5N1 likely represents as great a threat as terrorism to our national interest, arguably moreso. And to its credit, congress has allocated some funds for stocking of things like masks and drugs (there is no vaccine, as the killer mutation has not yet occurred). The mortality rate on this virus is very high among humans. Serious stuff.

Good post and great map!

Thanks, Scott (Scott's a health and preparedness expert in his own right).

'pockets, that's not clear yet.

Thanks for staying on top of this important issue!

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