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August 14, 2007



it is a fine and noble thing to think of the world, but we need to take care of the health needs of Americans first and foremost.

Then we can look to the outside.

If that polling is of actual, likely-to-vote-in-the-primary New Hampshire Republicans, then Mitt Romney would do well to make sure they learn about Rudy Giuliani's foreign policy views as conveyed in his new Foreign Affairs article.

Preferably by reading Jim Henley's review of it, which is not only waaay shorter but bitingly funny.

Jodi, it is hard eyed enightened self-interest, and not unsustained naivity that drives this process. Much of our modern medications come from overseas and so does much of the manufacturing raw materials we need, let alone finished goods.

Forterss America is unsustainable, so we'd best figure out how to be pragmatic.

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