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August 15, 2007


If you want to keep the dirty cockroaches hidden and alive, who better to consult with than a licensed exterminator?

Yay EW! Everybody else is just playing catch-up to you, Marcy ;>

Oops, I forgot to say -- maybe we really owe Harman an apology, if Gonzo was counting DeLay when he claimed "consensus" to go ahead w/o the DOJ reauthorization?


No, I still would bet that Harman approved of the program in some way or another--she would have issued a denial if she hadn't. And that's just more parsing than even AGAG would do under oath, I think. Or hope, at least.

I need to apologize to you for not linking your earlier work in my Kos Diary today. TPM hat tips me but you deserve credit- I emailed them to try to set the record straight. My failure to link was not intended to slight your excellent analysis. I honestly did not recall the DeLay bit being discussed before until you pointed it out in my comment thread. I searched dKos and Googled for prior discussion on DeLay and did not find it. I hope you can see that my initial analysis was independent of yours- it was clearly less rational and more tinfoil hatterly, and had I found your work, my Diary would have been better considered and appropriately deferential to your primacy.

Regardless, I have updated my Kos Diary to give you deserved credit, and am truly sorry.


No slight taken, which is why I didn't include you here--I'm sure you found the DeLay thing on your own. There's no reason to think you couldn't find it on your own--or that you should link to me.

Well I like to see what other people say on an issue before I post so I can consider it and reference it, which is what I think we as Bloggers should try to do. I don't like to get surprised in a comment thread with a link to a better analysis, because I think it makes you look lazy or deceptive. But honestly, I did come up with the analysis on my own, which is why it was not as comprehensive as it should have been (considering your conclusions).


I apologize if I made you feel bad--I had no intent of doing so. And I think you and I just approached the question from different perspectives--one is neither better nor worse than the otehr.

How would DeLay be able to say on the spot what might or might not get through Congress? I'm not aware of his having any particular expertise in such intelligence matters.

What was the timing of when Bolton got that NSA info (redacted names of U.S. persons in intercepted communications) that the administration later refused to provide to the Senate committee considering his confirmation?


DeLay would have the best sense of what he could push through, how many votes he could dig up, and so forth.

OT, Padilla verdict due at 2:00.


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