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August 12, 2007


Did John Poindexter resign over this project? Does this mean he is reinstated?

How much do Republicans love lies? So much that they're fighting eachother in public for bragging rights over who put them in George Bush's mouth.

A question for every Dem who voted for the FISA amendment:

Will the newly-permissible 'intelligence' get to Karl Rove and what will that do to your chance of re-election and/or your vulnerability to blackmail?

What would galvanize the Goopers and the Dems into 'back room' unity on issues like the FISA Hornswaggle?

A clearly perceived threat with potentially devastating results.

Let's say, just speculating, that Putin waited until he and the Bushes are fishing and says something like, "Comrades, das vadanski nuclear bomb lost grozny pereskaya."

Or wicked germ or pestilence-like nerve agent, something like that.

The Dems would work with the Bushies, in the face of a substantiated grave threat, to stop something along those lines. And, they would be hard-pressed to 'limit' the search for the 'bad guys,' even if it meant combing through 'all of us' looking for them.

So, we get Kabuki. Scene One has everyone on soapboxes. Adjourn to the back-room. Scene Two the Dems fall down and the Goopers win, because the 'default' Gooper position is always 'maximum fear, minimum privacy.'

The Dems are worried about our civil rights, but they crumble everytime when the Right plays the fear - the Terra - card. The Right doesn't worry about its civil rights as long as they are in control.

Nancy and Harry must believe that a 'credible' grave threat is out there - because that FISA gutting was pure political Kabuki.

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