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August 29, 2007


isn't Ted Bundy available?

I was thinking Victoria Toensing might be waiting in the wings.

What, no Bush Rangers or Pioneers left to reward? I hear Brownie is looking for a job in public service since his disaster recovery consultancy gig began springng leaks.

But seriosly, this the next AG has a big mess to cover-up cleanup.

FRED Thompson. He is everything they need: a former senator, he will be readily confirmable. A lawyer, AND he plays one on TV (appearance is everything with these idiots), he SEEMS qualified for the job, His presidential non-campaign is in tatters, and he is a complete and total lapdog, without a scintilla of backbone or integrity, as was evidenced by his shoddy Watergate performance when he was essentially an unpaid white house advisor. AND he might make the calculation that it is easier for him to get to be president if he is seen as a savior (cuz god knows he is failing as a competent avuncular nice-guy).

Did anyone else hear Rivkin on the The NewsHour yesterday? He was on in the "opposing view" segment discussing just how fucked-up and dysfunctional/not fucked-up not dysfunctional Gonzalez has left DOJ.

In this format, news people abdicate their responsibility to sort through fraudulent and specious claims and therefore give Rivkin and the mighty Wurlitzer equal access to spew their self-serving bullshit.

Isn't it odd the opposing view NEWS format is SO popular while at the same time Republicans are fighting tooth and nail to keep the Fairness Doctrine from being re-implemented.

Regardless or as my friend from Chicago (A'85) likes to say "irregardless" the truth has a funny way of finding its way into circulation. TtY EW.

Does George Terwilliger have a wife that is a mover and shaker?

I think as many Democrats as possible should keep pushing for Comey. Not because there's a chance in hell that the Bushies will nominate him, but because anyone who's not a wingnut can agree that he's perfectly qualified, so the more we can make the Republicans talk about why they won't nominate him, the better.

Man this is becoming a good question for speculation. They cannot make it to the finish line with Clement as Acting AG; but maybe they are going to try to piece some in house shenanigans together to get there. Say Clement for a while with some non-confirmable name from outside, who has no knowledge to impart in confirmation hearings, nominated and then more Acting AG time from someone else "in house" like Alice Fisher or something. I just find it hard to believe that Bush is going to install anyone as principled and independently strong as Terwilliger or Mukasey (and when I say principled and independent, I mean ONLY in relation to Gonzales, not that these two are particularly admirable on their own).

How about Joe Lieberman? Then the Republican governor of Connecticut can fill Joe's Senate seat with the Republican of his choosing.

Putting up Olsen would open up and revisit the issue of Ashcroft, the program, Gonzales, why Gonzales was allowed to get away with his actions, etc. and I can't see the WH wanting to go down that path. Might even bring into play Philbin, who was responsible for him not getting the gig, etc. and some issues like what kind of info the Solic Gen office had about torture when Clement was in making his arguments to the S. Ct and what kind of due diligence was done before proferring those arguments on behalf of the US.

Ditto for that issue on Clement if anyone is actually doing their job. How could the torture memos, CIA black site prisons, GITMO abuse and the whole plethora have just "slipped through the cracks" with no one at the sol gen office having a clue that, when they were arguing that the US does not "do" torture or "things like" torture they were big ol liars? Who didn't check on things or who lied about things?

Also, Clement has been the one acting as Bush's personal lawyer in turning down legitimate Congressional document requests.

Terwilliger sounds one of their better shots - but the man was a "loyal Bushie" lawyer on one of the most egregious cases decided by the Sup Ct, Bush v. Gore. Is taht really a good idea.

Schumer knows that Larry Thompson directly and specifically signed off of the transport for Syrian torture of Maher Arar - how low has this country become that - with that sure and certain knowledge, Schumer thinks Thompson would be a good pick?

I guess if those are the names, Terwilliger may be the best of the list.



Know anything about Mukasey?


Agree--that's a great approach. Not least because it'll keep the shredding of the Constitution in the forefront of discussion.

Lead editorial in today's Seattle Times on Slade Gorton as a promising, viable candidate for AG! Thoughts?

John Cornyn.

Mark my words.

Easily confirmable. Ready to keep secrets. Up for re-election in '08 against a well-heeled GOP'er. Another feather in the cap for a possible governor run.

One benefit of nominating Silberman is that it would get him out of his lifetime appointment to the appelate court.

Of course the danger of him as AG is also true.

Mention of the "Military-Industrial Complex" as reason for the Iraq War and the atrocities being done for its survival seems tough for the MSM to digest. Thus I am putting this item in the blogs for all to see:
Whistleblowers on Fraud in Iraq Facing Penalties
Sorry if it not directly pertinent to this item. But you have got to read it!

Nothing beyond his rulings in the Padilla. Hopefully lhp will have some insight. I have to say, I am more sympathetic to his rulings in Padilla bc of overall circumstances at that the time (and he did also stand up to the suicide mission Cheney sent Clement on, another not real plus for Clement being that he went on that run at all - although IIRC Comey went with him or chimed in, didn't he?), but bc I don't know much about him at all, I'm can't offer anything other than my completely unreliable gut.

That is positive - that he would be a more decent and tougher, more independent, guy, than the others. But I wonder if his name isn't just popping out to appease Schumer some and it could be lhp has a lot more insight. If not, and if lhp doesn't say something to the contrary, then I would tend to think that he is so much a better choice than the others that his name doesn't make sense on the list.

fwiw - and gut based only.

BTW, have you seen the Wired article on the FBI surveillance systems? Greek (like the hacked Greek diplomats) to me, but you might find it interesting.

I'll let LHP weigh in in comments if she wants. But offline, she sent me to the op-ed that I've added in an update.

I do not have, nor want, a Comey Club card. I think that someone like him would be awful. He knowingly handed over Padilla for blackhole abuse, held the Padilla presser that put the things Nifong did to shame, white washed the Higazy confessions and engaged in the coverup as "state secrets" of the DOJ's role in Arar's torture.

He sold and oversold the Patriot Act and kept mum during the Gonzales nominations - of course, he had a very nice slot lined up at Lockheed, which was dependent on Congress/President for some big upcoming contracts, so I'm certain it is just coincidental that he suddenly became chatty when Congress shifted hands and suddenly Lockheed could benefit from playing ball with Dems (Dems who might likely end up running the WH for at least 4 years too). For all the credit he got on Fitzgerald, what he actually managed to do was derail the calls for a truly independent Spec Pros who would have a broad mandate and who would be allwed and possibly even required to provide info to Congress and who would be covered by regulations that required the AG to make disclosures and reports to Congress if the AG interfered with the investigation. We got none of that. If, for example, McNulty called back Fitzgerald's authorization vis a vis Rove or refused to allow Fitzgerald to proceed on Rove, you wouldn't know. Because of how Comey set up the in-house investigation.

I'm not that sure that the WH wouldn't take Comey - after all, there's nothing they truly wanted they didn't get from him and it would look so like they were making a big concession.

Let's take the guy who is willing to cover up war crimes and torture act violations as state secrets, cover up and continue and keep hidden for years an easvesdropping program that massively violates law and that two FISA Chief Judges had said were so bad they wanted their courts completely insulated from them. A guy who has never said one word about the atrocity that is GITMO and which his buds - Goldsmith and Haynes, helped establish and people, via policy, with human trafficking victims.

He was willing to go to bat hard to put Haynes on the Fourth Circuit and was unconcerned about the "truthiness" of Hayne's testimony before the SJC. I would be very sad to see someone like that get the nominationt to the top justice spot in the country, but then again, the "top justice" spot, after what all the loyal Bushies who have trotted through Main Justice and USA halls have done, isn't really the spot it used to be, is it? Maybe he is a good guy for the kind of slot it really is, now.

If you want an Impossible Dream cause - someone like a Bruce Fein is qualified and actually has boundaries that aren't the shifting sands of personal friendship and political payoff.

All jmo.

Nothing in that Mukasey op ed excerpted (I'll have to read the whole thing) really puts me off that much. We do have a big set of issues and we do need to put into place some competent mechanisms to deal with those issues and we do have hard choices while Republicans and Hillary dilly and dally over who can best make the wrong and immoral choices, without really digging in, rolling up shirtsleeves, and addressing the issues with better mechanisms. What Mukasey did was try to pick from column A and column B and try to address the real issues of danger with the insufficient mechanisms and provide a stopgap measure. It wasn't a great stopgap, I don't agree with what he did, but my goodness - - he did LOTS more to protect some semblance of rights and order than someone like Comey, who was in court advocating against Padilla even getting a lawyer. Again, jmo, fwiw. Dead horse/stop beating.

Wheels within wheels.

Diversion after diversions.

It keeps all the frenetic people, and you know who you are, from being able to focus on the important things like Bush and this travesty they call Iraq.

I still think William Barr has a shot.

Thanks for the Wired tip, Mary. Couple of comments...
The surveillance system, called DCSNet, for Digital Collection System Network, connects FBI wiretapping rooms to switches controlled by traditional land-line operators, internet-telephony providers and cellular companies. It is far more intricately woven into the nation's telecom infrastructure than observers suspected.
This is not really a surprise, since ALL traffic, no matter what the form, is sent through the backbone optical network as IP packets or ATM cells, and all of that traffic can be "split" off the backbone without altering the signal at all. Just unwrap the packets and cells and analyse to your heart's content.
So any form of communication we use can (and probably will) be intercepted.
Then the FBI (and contractors) have a series of analysis systems, probably cluster computers, to break down the traffic by specific criteria.
It's pretty much what we've been speculating for the last year +, and it's actually pretty slick, from a systems point of view---as long as you don't get all hung up on privacy and the constitution and such...
I think the important take-away is the complete assumption that all your communications belong to us now. Every switch on every carrier is tapped and routing all traffic to the FBI "central monitoring plants". Comforting, isn't it.

Gosh I'm feeling frenetic today.
Must be the refreshing beverage I just downed.
More coffee, my dear?

I think Larry Craig has clearly demonstrated his qualifications for AG:

1. Is not gay.

2. Has a Wide Stance.

3. Supports Romney (even if feelings are not reciprocated).

4. Is willing to do anything for his Daddy.

5. And, did I mention, he's not gay!

Larry Craig's the man. I can't believe no one's floting him.

And wait a minute--no Orrin Hatch? He's got to at least be on the list.


In the Isikoff article you linked to in the last post, he names Larry Thompson, Mike DeWine, and John Danforth. I haven't seen any other discussion of DeWine or Danforth. I don't think Danforth is realistic (don't see eye to eye with him, but he appears to have an actual moral code, which is prohibiting factor for this position), but I wonder about DeWine.

What's your take on DeWine?

P.S. Curse you Mary for the link to Wired. I've got work to do and all those new documents are a big distraction...

hello everybody, off topic comment thru the tears here

Mom passed away on Saturday

my life is unalterably changed, and I'll never be the same

I don't have the heart to care about any of this right now, but I'm glad you guys are taking care of business while I'm on the bench

thanks for all your love and support

I love all of you guys and gals (even you shitstain, in a strange and sympathetic way)

I don't know when I'll be back. Until then I offer this advice:

if you can, tell your mother you love her, while you still can

love, freepatriot

Wouldn't you LOVE to see Fred Thompson get grilled in a confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee?

Popcorn abounds!


(been there, done that, rather have my mother around ... but she'd be cussing out the maladministration too)


We are so sorry to hear of your loss. You will continue to be in my prayers. May you find the peace and strength to handle this dark time in your life.

With much love and affection,

William Ockham

blessings to you in your loss. may your grieving be gentle.
you are in our prayers.

I've lit a candle for you and her, freepatriot.

Freepatriot - My sincere condolences. I have been exactly where you are, and it is something no one should have to go through, although we all must. If there is anything you need help with please ask. There is a great deal of talent, on a broad range of subjects, here and I think all feel the same way. If we can help; please let us know.

This is OT, but I wanted to share: folks are taking their Michael Vick stuff (e.g., football cards), giving them to their dogs to chew up, auctioning the result on e-Bay, with the proceeds going to the local animal shelter.



i'm so very sorry for your loss. i hope knowing how many thoughts and prayers are surrounding you now will be a help. i've been there and can tell you from first-hand experience... the love that exists in a mother-child relationship is strong enough to see you through anything that comes. please take good care of yourself.

oh, dammit, freepatriot--so very sorry, light and love to you and your mom....

My deepest condolences freepie.

....ahem...sorry...adding to the OT...about Vick and Romney...both dog haters. Vick killed 8 of his dogs by horrible means and Romney...well he thinks it's okay to strap his dog on top of a car and take him for a long ride...hmmmm wonder if he thinks he can take the public for a long ride too?

Sorry to hear about your mom, freep. When my Dad died, it helped knowing that whatever good I did in the world was a tribute to him.

You're in our thoughts.

My condolences freepatriot.

Freep. She loved you, and you were there for her.

Posted by: DefendOurConstitution | August 29, 2007 at 14:34

Sorry Craig won't make the cut. He's pled guilty to misdemeanor foot-tapping.
Foot-tapping... is that what they call it now?

It's interesting to watch a person hold to a story when its quite obvious to most everyone else that the story doesn't hold water. What is he thinking? My take is that Craig's view of his own activities is delusional. Craig's claim that he is not gay rests on his belief that one man can get a blow job from another man, like it and not be gay. After all, he never said, I'm not "bi-sexual". I guess when you see it all falling apart, you hold onto whatever shred you can.

Craig will be abondoned by his party, not because he was unfaithful countless times between 1982 and now but becuase he had gay sex. Republican Senators and Congressmen having gay sex is the proverbial kiss of death (sorry, bad pun.)

Vitter on the other hand is still supported by his party in spite of the multiple infidelities with call girls in DC and New Orleans (which by the way is illegal) in direct opposition of his family values platform and hypocritical - he called for the ouster of Clinton by impeachment for his blowjob.

I'd love to see some ads in LA justaposing Vitter's public statements about family values and his tricks talking about how he likes it. Maybe they could throw in the one of Mrs. Vitter saying how she'd go all John Wayne Bobbit on her husband if he strayed.

Sorry for the rant. This rigmarole has gotten me all frenetic.

Sorry I am late to the party. Mukasey is very well repsected. No nonsense. Follows the law even when he disagrees with it. Expects lawyers before him to behave with utmost professionalism.

More to the point: I cannot think of any reason why SJC would vote aginst him (other than if WH won't play ball of a Specai Prosecutor demand and Mukasey gets caught in the x-fire).

To my knowledge the guy doesn't have any enemies on the Hill and will get good reviews from NY bar groups.

The guy s confirmable and will be unlikely to rock the boat on anti-terrorist acticities currently in place. On the other hand, I think he will provide some COmey like obstinancy if he catches Bushco doing some new illegal thingy.

Trick is--catching them. I think he might go soft on them in the beginning thinking htat they would not betray him and sully his reputation. They could play him the way they played Ashcroft, who signed off on thigs w/o actually being fully briefed on them

Thanks LHP--that's helpful.

"This Just In"--

from WaPo reporter Paul Kane's online chat earlier today: (this is Kane)

"Very interestingly, Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein told myself and Jonathan Weisman in separate interviews Monday that if Bush picks a consensus AG, that the spirit and drive of the Dem investigations into the US attorney firings would likely dissipate. Chuck Schumer said that! This guy's made his political living off of this scandal. not only that, Schumer signaled to me that he likes Paul Clement, the solicitor general who will be acting AG. Clement is a former Judiciary Committee senior aide, who worked for John Ashcroft on the panel when he was a senator."

Oh Good! The "spirit and drive" of the US Attorney investigations will "likely dissipate,"
says Chuck Schumer. Not that I wasn't expecting exactly that, but it's infuriating nonetheless.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Bushco stonewalled Congress. Who knows how deep the corrupton in DOJ goes?

I hope Schumer is offering false assurances because citzens deserve an uncorrupt DOJ. The only effective deterrent is consequences. And going home to Texas to work in a private law firm is hardly sufficient.

Don't forget, three of those guys, Olsen, Sideshow Bob Terwilliger and Paul Clement, all helped Bush mug Al Gore out o the presidency by working on or for his 2000 election recount legal team.

I am so sorry to hear about your loss...mothers are such wonderful creatures sometimes and we all need them more than we like to say. I hope your grief will be lightened by the good memories.

freepatriot-I'm so sorry, but if your writings here are any indication, she most certainly was proud of you. Take care.

I think Joe Lieberman will be asked. My guess is he'll refuse because he doesn't want to give up his cushy senate seat for a temporary job. That said:

He would sail through confirmation
He could be in line for a VP choice (his real love)
It would throw the Senate back into a Repug majority
The CT Gov would appoint another R for the job - increasing the lead
All the investigations would come to a screeching halt
He's a loyal Bushie and would protect his sorry ass until the end.
All the illigal crap would continue with strong support from ol' Joe

worst case if you ask me.

I appreciate the expertise and specificity of the discussion on this topic; I had read some generalists with experience, but sparing the caucuslike detail here; Gorelick, Stone, Hebert.

freepatriot -- I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It must have been an enormous comfort to her to have raised such a fine child as you. Mercifully love lives on, even when a life has passed. I hope that will buoy you a bit even on the darker days. With love and condolences -- phred.


All Love and Blessings to you and your family.

Condolences, freepatriot.

My gut says Cornyn: you can be a hack and a dumbass, but if you're a member of the Senate Club, you'll get confirmed. Plus, I think it forces a special election in TX, and that's a coffer-drainer for the Texas Dems.

I think it's important, though, for the Dems to define their position for consensus by naming names. Naming Comey, in spite of the reservations I share with Mary, makes political sense, because it forces GOP flacks to say why he's unacceptable.

No. More. Dumb Hacks. The Democratic senators need to understand that they represent actual citizens out here. Cornyn being a Senator means they should be nice and gracious; it doesn't mean they should confirm him and people should let them know that in no uncertain terms. Although I had a brief moment's hesitation when you first suggested Comey (mostly i just knew he wouldn't be considered, I didn't realize that was actually part of your point); I completely agree with your theory here. I also think Jack Danforth's, Bruce Fein's and Pat Fitzgerald's names should also be put out in the mix in the same vein. However, if we allow another Gonzales, or worse, a smarter more devious Gonzales, there is still a lot of time left in which infinitely more harm can be done to DOJ and that which is there already can root in. That must not be permitted.

Josh Marshall has a post up here in which a reader points out the petulance of Bush in announcing the resignation and suggests that the replacement will be a poke in the Democrats eyes. I agree, and of this bunch my money is on Ted Olson. My blood pressure goes up just typing his name.

I have never met a man I did not like.

I have never met Ted Olson. He is as loathsome as the species produces. Still, I would to get him to testify about his several misrepresentations to the courts during the Bush recount cases. I don't know if his lies were material or not, but he is utterly shameless and such public testimony may be the only chance he would ever have to account for a life of villainy.

bmaz: the importance of the Dems naming names is entirely political. I understand that Schumer doesn't want to hand someone a poison chalice, but the bargaining is being done in public now, with reliable wingnut hacks chucking out names and the media recycling them. They have to be part of that process, and instead of having to be defensive, by being asked yea/nays on Olson, Chertoff, et al., they can force the WH and its surrogates to explain why a bunch of loyal Republicans aren't in the running.

The longer the GOP gets to put out names in public, and the Dems try to do so in private, the more likely it is that Bush gets a pick from those names, and one he's entirely comfortable with.

This is like buying a car: you have to be prepared to show the salesman you won't be bullshitted.

PinNC - Every now and then, my fondness for a wee bit o sarcasm comes back to haunt me. I believe this may be one of those times. I was literally agreeing with you wholeheartedly. And if we are to float names additional to Comey, I think Danforth, Fitz and Fein would be logical suggestions.

Freepatriot, so sorry to hear of your loss. Take care of yourself over the next few weeks, eat well, try to sleep long hours, make memorials by collecting all the good memories, and the "stuff" for holding on to those.

I've been wondering why the Bush Family Grand Savior has not been mentioned. Jim Baker has held every other office in Government, why not AG for maybe 15 months? My guess is he would run any WH orders by Kennebunkport or Houston before executing anything.

I still think that long weekend with Poppy earlier this summer was very much about limiting damage and pushing both Rove and Gonzales to the Exit door. I think little shrub got a tough lecture on not ruining the Republican Party. Maybe from both Babs and Poppy.


My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Please keep us posted on how you are coping.


Washington Journal - Noel Francisco, Fmr. Deputy Assistant Attorney General, discusses
the selection and future mission of the next Attorney General. 30 mins. video

Dear FreePatriot

My condolences.

It is not easy when a parent leaves us. My father recently crossed-over.

However iam at peace with his passing. He was such a dynamic person, intelligent, successful, caring, funny, et al, but after a major stroke he started gradually losing more and more control over his bodily functions and his ability to speak. What made it so tough on him is he was trapped in a body that no longer served him while his brain was still sharp.

I don't know if your mother's death was expected or all of a sudden. Either way one is usually in shock for a few days. In the interim allow yourself to feel your e_motions. Be kind to Yourself.

If per chance you do not feel you had closure you can still talk to her and she will hear you -- or write her a letter, or whatever will help you deal with her passing.

Do what is necessary for you to feel better.

That is what you mom would want.

She wants you to be happy.

Re_member she is just a thought away.


ew, re Cox's SEC and the volatility squeeze driving private investors out or at least skimming some from their inertial naivete, and favoring computer trading hedge funds; end of the uptick rule in margin buys as of July 2007. Morgenson is superb.

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