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August 08, 2007


I had a brief tinfoil moment when I read Isaa, car theft, and CIA in the same post, but it turns out that Issa's car-theft days were long before the attorney in question was appointed. *g*

The last sentence sure would require a great deal of historical knowledge going back 25 years, a healthy understanding of legal implications and a superb grip on the big picture perspective by the SDUT reporter. I am far more inclined to put my chips down on one of the DC squares.

Incidentally, if I counted redacted characters properly, the second redaction could be: "unassociated w/DOJ" (with spaces on either side).

As an explanation for what i said above, I saw a couple of interviews with the two Union Tribune reporters (maybe was just one-can't remember) who had authored a book. They were very sharp on hard facts, but seemed disturbingly weak on the bigger picture, CIA involvement, Cheney etc. It is quite possible they were just being discrete, protecting good stuff in their book, protecting sources or where they were headed in the future, but it sure came off as them just not having a good bead on the DC complexities.

ot., but i'll take advantage of this quiet moment in comment land to thank you ( I've been meaning to for months ... ) for your ground-breaking bloging. i wouldn't have a hope in hell of understanding this complicated doj case without the research and expertise you've lavished on the lake.
thanks from lurkerville,

So am I getting it right that you think there may have been some "Iran Contra-type" illegal activities around all of this w/OVP? It seems logical but very unclear when you apply the $140k contract from Cheney's office for furniture. Was it really for furniture or was that ever solved?

It's fun to speculate about those redactions -- was Monica "checking out" a specific person to replace Lam? or maybe she was looking for dirt on/sources for the reporters? ThorntonSotoFigueroaBennett comes out to exactly 27 chars with no punctuation or spaces. Or leave out Soto and put in spaces?

On the second redaction, it seemed clear that they were doing their damnedest to make the interim appointments from within a very tight closed loop; the phrase " from Main Justice " is 19 chars.

BTW, speaking of Elston, a couple days ago a dKos diary reminded me of a May 17 Eggen/Goldstein WaPo article that I had kind-of forgotten in the crush of lies:

"Reached last night, [Chris] Christie [USA-NJ] said Elston contacted him in mid-March. Elston told him that he had put Christie's name on a Nov. 1, 2006, list, along with four other U.S. attorneys, and that a redacted copy was being turned over to Congress."

Didn't Elston testify to the HJC that he hadn't been involved in putting any names on any of the lists? Didn't EVERYBODY deny being responsible for actually selecting any of the names?


They did have a clique candidate for SDCA.

Thanks for reminding about Christie, though, I need to turn my attention back on him. He's a real political creep.

The redaction in Sampson's second sentence is most likely: "from main Justice"

I had read the Conyers website version of the SDUT and NCT articles. All I had time for was unearthing a likely bond between DaIs and RaCu, pilots both, mission accomplished. It is unusual when NCT has a better scoop than SDUT, and when NCT is more thorough usually it is because NCT's conservative consumerist sources' outlooks are what is informing their storyline. There is an old history to the region of the US, as likely both ew and bmz know, a time when the sound of many propellers of aircraft were daily public soundscape, and the afficionados of flyingmachines abounded, though, these days, a way less; politics now among the subdued gentry there is which fabrication facility is saved when most are shuttered.

Having not studied all the details, I see a simple case of the Bushies accusing its opponents of doing what IT does, which is rather this admin's MO. They leaked stuff about Lam's pending resignation (also intended to cast a cloud over her cases - how they love to kill two birds!) and simply planned to blame the leak on Lam when she complained about it, by accusing her of planting a leak that she could blame on DOJ.

On another note - is the 20 character redaction "outside of the loop"?

Because Elston's email to Sampson says he thinks the leak came from Lam, it seems that he really does not know the source of the leak. But Sampson's reply sounds like Sampson and Monica do know about the the SDUT article and had already started rebuffing it. Leaking sounds like Rove/Sampson/Goodling.

ew, do you know/guess/speculate who the replacement was supposed to be? Cuz it really puzzled me that they put in Karen Hewitt (Lam's #3 for about a year) after all the email back-n-forth about NOT promoting anybody from within the SD office?

I'd be interested in more on Christie. I'm not inclined to believe a word he says, but in that WaPo article he sounded genuinely aggrieved/betrayed by Elston, so I lean towards accepting that particular story. Did investigating Menendez (and leaking that fact) just before the election get his butt off the list?

at this point in the doj saga

all one needs to know is that someone(s) at white house/doj thinks it is important to go after carol lam.

that's the real story;

that's the only story;

not whether she did or did not "leak".

this accusation really says,

"white house/doj dissembling about doj's firing of carol lam has not been sufficiently effective"


"it is important to make some accusation against carol lam so that any comments or testimony she makes will have been tainted by that charge, in this case "leaking".

it's called poisoning the well.

but there's more to this than simple poisoning, i suspect.

watch for something to come up soon regarding additional corruption in the california republican delegation.

like rutting deer, these rat-c operatives have been doing the same things the same way for way too long.

after six years, hunting rat-c's is like hunting any dumb animal. the hunter only has to track and observe, track and observe, until she recognizes the pattern.

"with the Federalist Society" = 27 characters

From the links, it looks like the source of the leak, FBI agent Dzwilewski, was known to DOJ, but the fact that Lam had also leaked to DiFi, who was pissed about the whole deal, meant that DoJ, Rove, et.al. knew that the shit storm was coming and they better come up with a story.

They have been improvising ever since.

In context, DoJ USA firings is multiple felonies at once--

(1) you have Lam who is too close to Cheny/Lewis/MZM with prosecutions,

(2) you have Rove putting his pet hack Griffin in Arkansas to target Hillary,

(3) you have replacement USA in MO prior to the 2006 election to bring election fraud cases and (unsuccessfully) turn the tide against McKaskel in the Senate,

(4) you have Inglesias in NM who is not sufficiently a "loyal Bushie" to remain in place, and then you have

(5) the whole "Kyle, why exactly did you aggregate the list that way (was it because Karl Rove told you to)?" firings list cover-up that the WH is asserting privilege over.

Oh, and on point (5) you also have the wholesale politicization of the DOJ by Monica and Kyle, and the (6) coaching of a material witness by the sitting AG of the United States.

My sense is that DiFi and Lam have had many heart to heart talks, and that there is material in possession of the SJC that (I devoutly hope and pray) will see the light of day pre-election and burn a laser-beam hole through this entire pack of liars and anti-American, constitution-hating, criminal gang called the Bush Administration.

Albert Fall - Don't forget Paul Charlton being canned for investigating Rick Renzi and being to considerate to Indians.



The DoJ is not a bumper sticker because it is not a single crime--it is an example of the pervasive criminality of the entire Bush administration. I did not including throwing the tobacco case, either...

JohnQpublic: "You lost me at the bakery."


You think that pertains to replacement candidates?

EW - If it is truly 20 characters, even giving a space on the front and back ends only gets "from main Justice" to 19. Don't know why I wrote that sentence, you probably count better than I do. I will say, however, that said phrase would fit with their tendency to spread their Regent type seed-pods out from their non-experience at DOJ Main.

So ew, how does it feel to respond to a commenter called "EWFan"? Just curious. I know you primarily and almost exclusively respond to substantive issues in your relentless sharklike pursuit of Bushco, and your only real YKos comment was that you came back sick and burnt out, but can you perhaps share a few words about your fanbase/groupies, the general adulation I'm sure you received, and your experience with the other blog all-stars? It has to be a pretty strange ride that the wheel finds herself on. I assume you don't think about that much and that you're consumed by the chase, but it would be great to hear your inimitable wit and tone turned on your own amusing and unlikely situation. You know, with EWFan and all, I'm just wondering...


Not anything too interesting to say. For me, YKos (particularly this one, in Chicago) was about spending time with three communities I frequent online: FDL, my blogmates/DKos front pagers, and Michigan bloggers. Thankfully, those groups overlapped significantly. My biggest regret is that I didn't meet a lot of the people from DKos that I would have liked too.

Not sure if this applies from 2005, wrt Rove getting US Attorney Frederick Black fired for one of Abramoff's clients Bush Removal Ended Guam Investigation

Boo Radley

It is one more removal that fits the template of abuse of power by the Bush administration.

Clearly, there is an email trail they do not want to have followed at any cost. The next administration should be able to find the incriminating emails, so I expect Bush will pardon his entire administration on the way out the door.

Boo - There's more to that story than what the Globe put out. The presiding Judge, at the time, got 'promoted' by Bush to a lifetime bench seat - contemporaneously with the Black demotion.

I still think Heffelfinger in MN was part of the package (most likely for refusing to go along with Kiffmeyer's attempts to suppress Native American voting?) -- and now we're stuck with Monica's BFF Paulose.

20 characters? how about "from Rove's rolladex"

Two people firmly entrenched in the corruption case arguing with each other about who is lying. both are scumbags that have been obstructing the very justice that they swore an oath to uphold. and the judge has crap stains on his chin as well. This is the kind of thing that should be settled by the Chinese.
no one has corruption down like our government. they appear to be criminals to all forms of inspection.

Two observations that go to the needle-in-a-straw-stack coverup they are building, and how they have, with the stuffing from a lot of strawmen, managed to bury the essential proof of their misdeeds on a mountain of diversionary chaffe.

Whether there is a vast nutwing conspiracy, or it is just the mutual admiration of greedy people working in some profane cosmic unity, may never be known. But it is clear there's a pile of secrets and lies and it is growing daily.

"Sources have told The San Diego Union-Tribune that Lam was asked to step down because she failed to make smuggling and gun cases a priority, choosing instead to focus on fewer cases that she considered more significant, such as public corruption and white-collar crime."

rewrite that sentence thus "...that Lam was asked to step down because she focused on public corruption and white-collar crime."

Even the press releases have that inherent fluff atttached that softens the obvious truth. By adding the inherently provocative qualifier "not enforcing smuggling and gun laws", "they" are provided a lot of straw to cover their needles.

This constant obscuring of the facts has been adopted by the mainstream media and by the White House, and it is creating a huge haystack, all full of needles, that they hope is big enough to be so imposing as to deter anyone from hoping to find those needles.

My second observation is that Issa seems to have a threshold or wall of absolute, desperate concern, I can't put my finger on his part in all of this, just that the "methinks he doest protest too much". At very crucial moments. too.

One question I think I've never bene able to put to words becomes more clear after this study, Marcy you mention the trails of money laundering that went cold after Lam was ousted?

Maybe "they" realized "they" couldn't save Duke, but there's a longer list of co-conspirators who missed the spotlight because Lam departed so ungraciously.

And, just watching him squirm so desperately to keep those trails cold, it would seem that Issa might just be one of those "cui bono" from those trails going cold.

He certainly has been their biggest roadblock. And it was all a California Republican thing in the first place.

Just what is Issa so desperately hiding?

here's a study...

Is Issa attached to any notable earmarks that Lam may have been looking at for "improper" connectivity to some of the same, or similar characters with whom Cunningham was "associated."

Thanks radiofreewill, I was unaware of that.

JEP - You are raising the right points here. The one thing I have always wondered about though is the exact role the excising of Lam played vis a vis these investigations. There has been some indication that, although she certainly green lighted the series of investigations, she was not necessarily the hands on driver of the case in the office. It also seems like the cases have proceeded with the line team of AUSAs, although a little quieter than before. What I am saying is that it is hard to quantify what impact the lam ouster has had on these factors. We assume profound, but the evidence so far doesn't necessarily back that up; at least as to the cases that were already underway. We need to find out what it was additional that is not being pursued. In this regard, I almost wonder if getting FBI SAC (special agent in charge) of the SD Office Daniel Dzwilewski ousted is not just as big a part of this as Lam. There are just a ton of questions on this whole area that really need answers. And they are not going to get answered without an impeachment investigation of at least Gonzales; the ability of which to initiate just took a paralyzing body blow from the FISA shenanigans our glorious Democratic "leaders" engineered within the last week. This is exactly why I have been wailing like a baby over the events of the last week; people still don't understand how far reaching the tragic effects are going to resonate.

Late to this thread- I'm also testing out the blackberry I just inherited for work- hope I've got this tricked out right...

The idea floated that Carol Lam would leak anything about her situation or anything else having to do with the functioning of her office indicates to me that Sampson et al are even more incompetent than previously thought. A total CYA on their part- & what else is new there?

Right behind Fitzgerald & the leak-proof way he runs a USA office is Lam's career as USA in S.D. if you'd like to see Fed prosecuting & how it should work. Ditto Paul Charlton, BTW.

P.S. If Leahy & Conyers don't get on the blowoffs of subpoenas when they get back in session, I may start to "lose my religion"...

Leahy Sets Warrantless Wiretapping Subpoena Deadline [AGAIN]
By Paul Kiel - August 8, 2007, 3:12 PM

Elston McNulty's Chief of Staff seems to have been a very, very busy man. Is it really believable that McNulty the No. 2 at the DOJ had no idea what his own COS was up to or that he was so far outside the loop as he pretends? It's the same old "was he stupid or complicit?" question that haunts so much of what those in this Administration do.

Neil, thank you so much. I am shocked. I thought we had lost all leverage with the cave-in on the new 4th Amendment-less legislation. Way to go Pat.

"I almost wonder if getting FBI SAC (special agent in charge) of the SD Office Daniel Dzwilewski ousted is not just as big a part of this as Lam."

It is no wonder this isn't getting the media exposure it needs, all the meaningful witnesses are probably quite intimidated right now.

Makes me wonder who else is afraid to tell the "whole truth," and why... Maybe I am mistaken by a layman's civilian perspective, but mich like outing a CIA agent, ousting a SAC sends a clear message to remaining law enforcement about just which way they are expected to (not) enforce the law...

"but the evidence so far doesn't necessarily back that up;"

I think your other observation sort of disputes this, don't you think? Evidence is in the mind of the conjecturer, I suppose, but what you said about the multiple layers of coincidental layoffs that can be lined up in this stonewalling event, seems like considerable evidence to me, that and Issa's "protest too much" transparency makes it all the more evidentiary.

without an impeachment investigation of at least Gonzales;

why limit this to the DOJ scandal and the WH politicization issues with a Gonzales impeachment? Cheney's "The Man."

The investigation spawned by articles of Impeachment against Dick Cheney should not be viewed as some sort of retribution, it should be vierwed as an efficient catch-all for a multitude of sins.

Think about, if Cheney gets impeached, and Gonzo is still AG, when he testifies in the Impeachment investigation, he can not claim executive privilege.

Unless I am mistaken, not even Bush can.

But he can claim the 5th amendment as an American citizen.

Which both Gonzo and Bush might be forced to do, in lieu of executive privilege, if they do not want to implicate themselves in any of the high crimes and misdemeanors that Deadeye will be charged with.

Can you imagine a sitting President, under oath and pleading the 5th?

Worse than Watergate.

More shameful than resignation.

For all the world to see.

OK, someone wake me up, I'm having a vision here...

Boo - If you had that belief, it may be partially (or indeed all) my fault because of the attempt I have made to get out exactly how deleterious the FISA mess is. In fact, we have not lost all leverage, not by a long shot. There are so many fronts, and all of them are still open. It has been my belief for quite some time, and I know you probably know this but I feel compelled to explain under the circumstances, that the hard shell nut surrounding the Administration, and protecting it from exposure of it's wrongful activity of all varieties, must be cracked. I have similarly long felt that the best method for accomplishing this is through an impeachment investigation, with Gonzales being the easiest target to start with. Irrespective of whether the target is Gonzales, Cheney, Bush or all three, the best grounds we had were those surrounding the illegal wiretapping. They are clear cut crimes, easily understood by the ill informed public, and resonate because of the Nixon era. This area is just a lot easier to sell and justify than Purgegate, war crimes, and really any of the other issues. The ability to argue the wiretapping crimes has been undercut to a remarkable degree, and therefore our ability to really "crack the nut" has been similarly undercut. It is far from dead, but it is hurt.

JEP - See my comment immediately above to Boo Radley. I would love to see Cheney impeached and his is by far my first choice. However, for a multitude of reasons, I have always felt that the only shot of starting an impeachment process, if it is possible with the lame Dem leaders at all, is to start with Gonzales. Other than that, I agree.

How about:
"from the Texas mafia"
for the second blank?

TPM does pop-up video commentary of Cheney on Larry King Live here

Something is worrying me; why hasn't Abu resigned for "personal" reasons yet? They need to get that unpatriot appointment in to give the maximum amount of time for the attention deficit MSM to lose interest by the time congress gets back.

This goes back to my original theory that Abu is being dangled as a bright-shiny-object to distract us, DESPERATELY! The repug machine's desperation for the Dems to take the bait may mean they are (unknowingly?) close to something. (In fact I can almost hear the Big Dick swearing from here because the Dems won't bite, despite being hit on the nose with the bait.)

I will feel closer to 100% about that if he's still there when the children get back from recess.

Mary - Looks like you are getting as disillusioned as I am. Texass Mafia indeed.

bmaz, I hear ya. With the Dems behavior as of late, sort explains why Pelosi says "impeachment is off the table". Very disheartening, this FISA shit to say the least.

bmaz, thanks. I have read the same tone of concern from Mary and other esteemed commenters here and at FDL. By no means was it only you. I called Leahy's office to thank him. I remain very grateful for the high level of discourse that you and others routinely provide on a wide range of topics.

"For obvious reasons, someone [from Regent University] would be best."

[inside the Kingdom]

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