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August 29, 2007


This is getting interesting! It reminds me of that puzzle where you have to match members of one column to the other.
Which resignation is gong to be matched with which investigation?
My take is that it usually turns out to be something currently off our radar; something we never expected.
Here's to hope.

I recall Iglesias was asking for an investigation of his wrongful firing from an "independent" agency within DOJ (????) run by a Mr. Fine. (I can't get the picture of Larry Fine, 3rd of the Three Stooges out of my mind---sorry). I also recall that depending on the findings of that investigation, a suit might go forward. And I recall the WaPo reported if the finding substantiated Iglesias' allegations, bith the SJC would have a better shot at convincing Paul Clement, acting DOJ official, to rule on the matter of subpoenas served on folks like Harriet Miers, et al. But Clement is up for consideration as replacing Gonzales among others. That suggests to me this Mr. FIne's relationship to all the players is very, very important and I don't know anything about him.

So now I read your article, and all these players and actions go into a swirl.

Iglesias has a lot of trust in (or really indisputable evidence against) his beloved DOJ. He appears to be doing the right thing at his peril to me. Can you kind of simplify the story for me?


I added a few details on Fine in an update.

EW - Without proof, or at least better evidence, we can only speculate here about the dual nature of Iglesias as to sourcing for Isikoff. However, for what it is worth, I agree with you. I have felt for some time now that Iglesias has been a busy boy behind the scenes; serving as a conduit into and out of DOJ and generally churning the waters. This is also consistent with his earlier "confidence" that the internal investigation regarding his complaint was going to move; which inferred to me that he was going to make sure of it and had the capacity to do so. He seemed very determined. Good for him; if I were him, I would be on a seek and destroy mission too.

Well. Independent internal investigations of DOJ. There's a positive thought to start another work day. Not only very interesting, EW, but perhaps this sheds a bit more light to the sudden departure of both Rove and Gonzo, as well as Chimpy's petulant anger? Maybe the substance is about to hit the rotating blades, or at least some light shining into this den of cockroaches.


Yup, just a WAG, as noted. Though naming a source elsewhere in the article (Iglesias is named in the following sentence) is fairly standard practice).

I should have emphasized the importance of still-unreleased emails, though, which are curious in any case, not least because some of the remaining KNOWN emails are ones that just beat up on Senators.

Here is something else dating to Nov 2006


I take it this might have something to do with Goldsmith. (If you have already covered this and I was too thick-headed to understand, soory).

I'm sorry, but I have to say it sounds like another non-story that will go nowhere that starts out with everyone all a fluster, and then dies out like all the others in the past.

Why does that toad Isikoff get this story? Surely there are many more reporters who could do a better job with it, and this will just help his "reputation" as a "good reporter."

Crap, they only way it could only be worse if Iglesias had given the story to Richard Wolffe.

I'm sorry, but I have to say it sounds like another non-story that will go nowhere that starts out with everyone all a fluster, and then dies out like all the others in the past.
Posted by: Jodi | August 29, 2007 at 14:09

Don't stop apologizing for yourself or BushCo. Sure, you're right but only because our country is full of cynical and ignorant auhtoritarians who willingly trade their four freedoms, their privacy, their democracy, and their collective wealth in return for very little. It's not because BushCo's conduct is ethical or even law-abidding, it's because of people like you and many more who accept it.

Truthout repored like a month ago after interviewing iglesias about his tesimony before an ethics committee (house?) And they also interviewed iglesias about what he learned from the IG. This isikoff material is old news.

Maybe, kennethU. But seeing has how we have gotten new materials on these issues in the last month, it's possible OIG has, too.

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