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August 22, 2007


Austraia, Pacfic rim, the guy was from Palestine where they don't give shots, unlike Canadians who force youth to have shots and shots for cancer too. So, is he a tarrorist travelling with a disease that can be cured if shots were available and not diagnosed by a system that doesn't have the shots? Or is it because the kids really need the shots like Canadains offer and the US doesn't and that's why he was diseased traveller?

Thank you, DemFromCT, for reminding me to be on guard as the school season begins in the US. Having spent the last ten weeks free from a sniffle, I go back to rooms packed with middle school kids, changing classes every forty five minutes, leaving their coughs and colds on their desks for the next group of students. And so on, and so on.

I work with small groups of children at a large table. I wash the table with a green cleaner every day. I have an alcohol based hand cleaner in the middle of the table for all to use.

I get a flu shot every year, practice healthy eating habits, take multivitamins and omega three oils. Our summer is spent growing organic vegetables which we eat liberally.

Do you have any suggestions of how I can remain healthy in a crowded school setting? I am the only person I know at school who cleans my table every day.

Thanks DemFromCT for the information on flu in Australia.
As I get ready to go back to middle school after a summer without a sniffle, I dread one thing in particular. I teach at a table with groups of five to eight kids. No, it's not the kids I dread; it's the coughing, sneezing, stomach complaints, wiping their hands on their chairs and the table and then the bell rings and more kids sit down.

I clean the table every day. I don't see anyone else doing this. I also have alcohol based sanitizer in the middle of the table for all to use. I finally have a room with a window I can crack open to change the air.

Do you have any suggestions? I have to battle to remain healthy.

hand (alcohol based) sanitizer is the greatest thing since sliced bread... make sure it's at least 70% alcohol. HHS has been working on 'toolkits' for schools that hopefully will drill down to the practical.

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