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August 25, 2007


Rudy has a large lead in California. He may be thinking about the Feb 5 states as much as anything else, since he has been pretty tone-deaf in Iowa and Romney is running circles around him in NH. Depending on whether Iowa's caucuses are in December or January, the traditional bounce for the winner may be diluted. But the combination of victories in IA and NH is going to be potent on the immediately following primaries in SC, FL, and MI. (Personally, I'd like there to be a rule that no one can hold primaries or caucuses or whatever before Mid February at the earliest. Push things back, not forward.)

Chris Bowers at Open Left has done analyses of polls and has concluded that some of Hillary's early lead was from low-information voters, but not most of it.

With Fox News supporting Rudolph, the bulk of the criticism has got to come from the press and the main TV news orgs, as well as from the other cnadidates. Romney certainly has demonstrated an instinct for the jugular. My money is on him at this point.

There's a nice Mercedes (covered in wildfire ashes, as all cars around here are this summer) in the parking lot of my gym on Tuesday and Thursday mornings that has a RUDY sticker...taped to the back window, wouldn't want to make a permanent commitment quite yet, nor cause a sticky stain on the nice bumper...anyway, while running and bored on the treadmill, I envisioned a series of bumper stickers for next year:
RUDY. 'Cause we Really Need Another LIAR as President.
RUDY is NOT a Lying Sack of Shit. It just seems like it.
RUDY: A Hero In His Own Mind.
...and so on. The possibilities are so endless...

Romney's a sure thing.

Nothing's a sure thing.

marksb, I love the last one.


I wonder where this 33% Thompson number is coming from among the high-information voters. It may just be that none of the rest are acceptable. My husband rejected Fred Thompson immediately because he harassed Bill Clinton during impeachment. This piece of information may actually be helping him among more culturally conservative voters.
That surplus story was good. I read parts of it to my husband.

TypePad lost the post, so, replay:
I nodded reading the Rudy quote redolent of realpolitik in the brochure about the Portals by Christo Javacheff in Central Park. As a Park oversight board member Rudy saw the idea as degrading, until tourism vanished after the explosion; then he became a champion of renewing the invitation to CJ.

Maybe there is a marginally subconscious element very Rovian in RGiuliani's candidacy, some primal statement that if you survive NYC and even grow creatively in that metro ambience you appreciate that mere destruction like that of the binary explosions which opened BusCo year one in office NYstyle in 2001 served like some traffic signal that Republicans at last had found a gravitational point around which to structure their political party. As long as he stands on the metaphoric ash and acuses oponents, especially women politician oponents, of comforting the enemy, he garners more votes than Bush would now if he ran again, tapping into the survival instinct which transcends polity for the modern voter beset with ennui and surfeit of leisure in US life.
Very European in outlook, Javacheff made a conceptual drawing of one project which, like the Central Park saffron Portals, for a long time now has failed to take place; namely, CJavacheff desired to see the seaport Barcelona plaza monument to Columbus wrapped in cloth.

There is a poll by that conservative Gallup organization which has floated around the internet since May 2007, for some reason a spring season when Republicans were trying to carve a niche for the creationists who had gravitated to their party; the graphic shows a supermajority of Republicans are antiDarwinians 68:30, but by substantial margins both independents and Democrats are evolutionists 61:37, 57:40, respectively.
The themes of setting passion against creativity, civilization against authoritarian leadership, are a substrate of the Giuliani candidacy as much as of the continuity of the Republicans after traversing these past seven years, looking at the national scale.

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