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August 27, 2007


You sure came back firing on all cylinders.

So are you going to tell us more accurate speculations about the motivation? About Mrs AGAG? Bradley Schlozman??

Come one!! I don't get it and want to hear the end of the story.

Rove was in charge of the Katrina reconstruction. Chertoff was in charge of FEMA (Brownie's boss) which means he was in charge of the Katrina disaster.

Bush was in NM for a LUNCH fund raiser today. They raised over $400K. And a police officer died, in the motorcade.

Bush is on to Washington (or OR) tonight for another fundraiser.

Iglesias all over the media today saying he is vindicated (more or less) and linking Rover and Berto resignations.

Now, granted, unlike Kim, Gonzales gave three week's notice. But the IG investigation of the Civil Rights Division is one (of several) that clearly has merit. And the politicization of the Civil Rights Division is one that was reported to have been ordered from on high. Is it possible that Gonzales was unwilling to further perjure himself to protect those who had politicized justice in this country?

That sounds tantalizing, but why the urgency? Is there something about that investigation coming to a head? Is there finally a whistle blower that will open up the Civil Rights Division's can of worms?

We'll definitely tune in for the next exciting episode...

Welcome back, Marcy!

I watched the video of Bush's statement from Crawford and was struck by the amount of glory he was heaping on Gonzales -- who is being billed as the worst AG in US history. We know that Chimpy is a bit blind to some of his administration's characters, but I got the impression that Bush was doing his best to placate Gonzales (or someone) in some way. Bush took deliberate pains to specifically name Gonzales' wife and children, and talk about their sacrifices, as well.

In other words, it seemed like a staged appearance -- the Gonzales family now has a videotape of the POTUS talking about how wonderful they are. Maybe Gonzales can use it to get a new job when he gets his legal problems settled.

PS -- I definitely feel like there is something big and dark that is going to descend on Gonzales and Rove. Something forced this to happen, because Chimpy was not happy at all today. Maybe he realizes that he only has Cheney in back of him now...

EW: Tim Grieve at Salon says that a Bush spokesman says that Bush did not try to talk Gonzales out of resigning.

Alison, I don't think the Mrs. AGAG angle is too hard to figure. Here she is married to one of the most powerful men in the country who at one time was considered a potential Supreme Court nominee. She's sittin' pretty connected to all the right people, and one morning she wakes up to find that her Very Important Hubby has become a fall guy. No more dreams of being the wife of a Supreme Court Justice, no more power and influence. It's all been replaced by scandal and disgrace. And she knows, just as Libby's wife did, that hubby's career has turned to ashes solely to protect others in the administration who appear to be on course to sail off into the sunset. I had heard before (perhaps here) that she was unhappy. Perhaps she hit her limit with talk of impeachment ramping up and Congress about to reconvene.

That said, the timing in light of Kim's resignation suggests Mrs. AGAG wasn't the only straw that broke the camel's back. Can't wait to see how you sort this one out Marcy...


Thanks--corrected, I think.


Yeah, that's the idea. Mrs. AGAG says, you've done enough, time to think of the children. And unlike Rove and even Libby, Gonzales' kids ARE young.

It may be that he would have been asked to commit yet another perjury--and he chose not to go there.

Your're back in the nick of time!!! And a few hours early, if I'm not mistaken. Welcome.


I know you mentioned that Sen. Reid and Bush made a deal that there would be no recess appointments, but I don't think Bush (read: Cheney) gives a flying fart about any "gentleman's agreements". If this was unexpected, and they can't get Chertoff in(and Reid and Clinton have made it clear that that's not going to happen), I would not be surprised if they go try to pull a fast one. Since when do they care about playing by the rules.

Unfortunately I'm jaded, but I would hope the HJC and the SJC take advantage of this opening and get some answers on a lot of questions.

Well, if the wife theory is correct, I would like to put HER on the stand under oath for little examination as to exactly what level of mendacity, perfidy, corruption, perjury, torture, and shredding of the Constitution it takes for her to have her little come to Jesus discussion with the hubby. What exactly is her personal threshold on each of these subjects individually and collectively. Because there has been seven years of pretty egregious violations in my eyes; what exactly caused her to cross the rubicon now? I am not sure I but the wife angle.

Bmaz: In yr scenario, could Ms Alberto testify against him?

I was being satirical for the most part; but no, spousal communications are generally privileged.

PS -- I definitely feel like there is something big and dark that is going to descend on Gonzales and Rove. Something forced this to happen, because Chimpy was not happy at all today. Maybe he realizes that he only has Cheney in back of him now...

Posted by: sojourner | August 27, 2007 at 22:14
"Only"? When you're already knee-deep in bodies, you really don't want to have Dick Cheney staring at your back.

Can anyone check to see if Sealed v Sealed is still, well, sealed?


it's not 12:01 tuesday yet.

OT: Just out of curiosity: Has anyone here ever accidentally plead guilty to disorderly conduct after being arrested by an undercover police officer for soliciting sex in a public restroom?

Frank - Eh, no. However, I have proved several different client's "innocence" by having them enter that same plea agreement. One of them was a cop.....

Various versions of the Idaho Coup as it is called, have been local gossip for a couple of weeks around here in DFL circles. It has been on the local court docket for a couple of weeks, but no one could get the now sold out to some sort of nameless combine (Private equity group) newspapers to go down to the courthouse and read the records.

Last time our Airport cops made national news it was about arresting Imams for provocative praying. So now we have Idaho Republicans in an airport restroom that for ages has been a place to get a quick blow job.

You can't fly west of here on a direct flight except to Portland and Seattle, so this is the a place for making plane changes if your destination is N&S Dakota, Montana, and Idaho, Utah, and a few other places. If you want to go to London or Hong Kong from those places, well welcome to Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. We offer many services, including this small off the beaten track restroom for horney men. My own legislator wants to put a Casino in that waiting area to capture a little wagering money.

I just want to note something of interest. The former Hennepin County Prosecutor, who till last January would have dealt with this matter, is now Senator Amy Klobuchar. One wonders how they eye each other in the Senate Chamber. I think she set up the sting some months before she became a Senator.

Sara - That last paragraph is absolutely rich. Is there any indication that state and/or local officials (Repub I would presume) worked with Craig to keep this quiet. I don't know if you have seen this part yet, but he is now saying he was innocent and only pled guilty because he didn't have an attorney; made a stupid mistake in pleading guilty and really regrets that he didn't have a lawyer to help him.

There is not one chance in hell that he did this without the advice of an attorney. Just because they tried to slide it through a municipal or minor justice court of some kind without drawing attention to it and there was no counsel of record on the plea DOES NOT mean he did not consult an attorney. Take it to the bank that he consulted an attorney. This guy is not only a pervert, but like most far right wingnut Republicans, he is a complete lying sack of dung. I will wager about anything that he consulted a lawyer either there, back home in Idaho or DC. Any scuttlebutt on him talking to a lawyer or getting help keeping this under the radar from the locals?

I think the timing has to do with the upcoming primarys and the election next year.

Just removing the clutter from the discussions.

why do you always say the dumbest stupidest sh*t, jodi ?

are you just a complete and utter moron or do you just try real hard ?


Do you think the resignation of Gonzales was connected with the FISA thing being passed at the last minute? Quid Pro quo? I always wondered why there wasn't a deal for that bills passage.

Last Night on Hardball, John Dean discussed one of the problems at DOJ was careerists departures.
He said he had a good friend at DOJ who was contemplating leaving "because of Gonzales" (Person X), and Dean did not know whether the resignation would change that decision.

Considering the Kim resignation, I wonder if Dean was telling us something?

A Big Problem revealed recently was the last straw for X. The Kim resignation was not enough to resolve the issue- perhaps it went higher- and X told Dean he was going to quit over it.
Gonzo was in deep and thought Kim's removal enough, but when X (and possibly others; perhaps the issue triggered mass resignation threats) decided he was still going to leave, Gonzo decided it was time to leave....

Sorry Dean was on Countdown. Quote is:
"I have one in mind, without naming names, who is on his way out of the Department just because of Gonzales. Now whether he will turn around, I don't know."

Welcome back. Hope you had a relaxing vacation, much deserved I might add.
Do you think that mabe Kim knows something about the civil rights division that could drive a nail so to speak in Gonzo's and Rove's coffin. Leaving that quick, seems like there might have been something that took place or has information that would inplicate those at the top?

Welcome back, EW, and thanks for all the clarity...

This confused me, though...

"And something seems to have triggered her influence just in the last week."

Considering how long it has taken for Gonzo to make the leap, one might not call that a "hair-trigger".

Really, how many darts have to hit you before you realize you ARE the latest Bush diversionary dartboard?

Gotta give Gonzo credit for one thing... he takes a punch and just keeps on leering, like some cartoon character that just jumps right back up after being squashed by a steamroller. There are times I have wondered if he's really just a badly drawn 'toon.

And as for Bush and Domineci, is there any doubt that they got their stories straight in this little event, I suspect more than one felony was committed behind closed doors, in a conspiracy to put a lid on Domenici's election woes.

Too late for that, though. And a visit from Bush is a double-edged sword, everyone who remembers Bush's barnstorming just before the 2006 election will also remember that his visits were the kiss of death for more than one republican incumbent (Jim Ryun comes to mind).

Hope you had a good trip, EW --
And you have better luck with vacation news -- in my small business, vacations are few and far between. The last two family vacations we took netted two huge news events: the tsunami and Katrina.
Makes sense for me to stay home. Makes sense for Mr. EW to drag you off fishing more often.
But so glad you're back....
And I too am anxious to know what in the world is happening to make Gonzales (and Rove and Kim and, well, the list is endless) resign.

When Gonzales began his adieu, it seemed his heartfelt praise was for his king but surprisingly it was for Mrs. Gonzales. "The wife" and children could not have been protected from the scorn heaped on the AG, so it may have hit critical mass--it's either "him" or "me". This choice gave AG a perfect getaway and a temporary reprieve from his professional problems. The king understood on some level since he needs his queen and his ladies-in-waiting. Now it's a waiting game until it all catches up with them. Soon, I hope.

I am still confused by this statement... "And something seems to have triggered her influence just in the last week."

What could have triggered Mrs Gonzales?

Ah Sally. I should have hit refresh and read your posting before I posted after you. This makes total sense of Bush's comments, not about Gonzales, but for Mrs. Gnzales.

So now we have Idaho Republicans in an airport restroom that for ages has been a place to get a quick blow job.

He was just tapping his feet and the cop misunderstood. Then he plead guilty by mistake. Now THAT's having a bad day. The earnest Senator had just enough time time to be fellated, get a quick show shine and make his connecting flight. (Oh, 'quick show shine' is not code for sexual activity but it should be.)

Vitter campaigned on family values. Mrs Vitter claimed Mr. Vitter would get the same treatment as John Wayne Bobbit if he ever strayed but no, she is not a woman of her word either (for real!). Now they complain about the press hounding them at home and at church. Where can a man go to repent?

And a visit from Bush is a double-edged sword, everyone who remembers Bush's barnstorming just before the 2006 election will also remember that his visits were the kiss of death for more than one republican incumbent (Jim Ryun comes to mind).
Posted by: JEP | August 28, 2007 at 09:04

Exactly, most Republican campaigns don't want Bush within miles of their voters but Dominicci does? for 400K? There's got to be more to it.

I wonder if Bush's petulance at his presser Monday can be attributed solely to Gonzo's resignation. It's possible - legacy minded Presidents don't want their AGs resigning under pressure or more likely in this case, forced to resign under pressure. Could Dominicci have been the one applying the pressure?

Paging Murray Waas....

Nobody else has done coverage of the legal scene like him, like, asking intelligent questions, thinking about the answers, and not being a stenographer for BS.

If there is an internal investigation that has been the key to cleaning up DOJ, it seems like a few of the right questions would get the answer. I would expect the results of the investigation to be released, not covered up, even if the miscreants have gone.

Gonzales' wife? They were worried she would become another Martha Mitchell?!

It does seem like there is something very serious about to come out and Gonzo was not willing to be the fall guy one more time. And Senators Specter and Leahy must have made it clear to Bush that he wasn't going to get off the hook. They must have pushed resignation, which is why Reid also felt compelled to get the deal on a recess appointment.

So what were both Rove and Gonzo involved in? The USA firings, also the Don Seligman presecution. Perhaps more voting rights sham cases. I don't think it is the intel abuses, as that is now McConnell's bailiwick.

Bush must be feeling very alone these days. And the moeny seems to be on some Bush I figures, leading credence to my speculation that someone is in there cleaning up the mess that Bush Jr has made lest the GOP go the way of the Whigs.

Ah, thanks, bluebird. I can't remember that anyone has EVER told me anything I wrote/said made perfect sense.

Oh, Happy Day!

Welcome back!

(Gathers-up TNH Pond Notebook and places on shelf)

Here's what I think: Clearly, Mrs. Gonzo has good vision.

When she saw Bush make his big pre-Recess FISA power-play, where he ground his bootheel into the Dems upturned foreheads with glee until he got 'more than he wanted' - Mrs. Gonzo had no problem forecasting how the scale was going to tip back the other way in the Dem response to having been so egregiously wronged. When she dressed him for work on Friday, she said to him, "You've got to call the King and offer to ride the Bus over to the King's ranch and resign, before he sends the Bus to run you over."

Bush acts like a King.

It costs him Rove, Gonzo and Craig.

We're down to Cheney and Bush - and EW has made a compelling case for intimate involvement by both of them in the Plame Affair, not to mention the Iglesias Firing (and all the USAs who were fired), and the Hospital Coercion Visit, to name just a few fiascos directly implicating Bush and Cheney.

For whatever stated reasons Rove and Gonzo left - and maybe their wives played a part in their decisions - certainly they left with clouds over their heads that are a lot smaller than the clouds still over the White House.

If Rove and Gonzo, then why not Cheney, too? Domenici is looking mighty shaky, also.

Will the Rule of Law triumph as equal for all?

On Bush's future nominee: “They will let him skate away with impunity after he makes any and every pious attempt to sound as inoffensive and nonpartisan as possible despite the fact that odds are three in four they’ll be questioning someone who helped Bush mug Al Gore and steal the fucking White House…”

Mimikatz, from your link to Martha Mitchell's bio:

"Dubbed “the Mouth of the South”, Martha Mitchell began contacting reporters when her husband's role in the scandal became known. At one time, Martha insisted she was held against her will in a California hotel room and sedated to keep her from making her controversial phone calls to the news media. However, because of this, she was discredited and even abandoned by most of her family, except her son Jay. Nixon aides even leaked to the press that she had a “drinking problem”. The 'Martha Mitchell effect', in which a psychiatrist mistakenly diagnoses someone's extraordinary but reasonable belief as a delusion, was later named after her. Nixon was later to tell interviewer David Frost (in September 1977 on Frost on America) “If it hadn't been for Martha Mitchell, there'd have been no Watergate.”

Martha undoubtedly was drugged to keep her from talking and accused of having a drinking problem by the republic thugs. Too many of us didn't credit her with telling the truth when she was doing exactly that. We've since learned what obscene things the Republics are capable of.

Mimikatz and bmaz, I would never presume to speak for EW, but FWIW, my take on Mrs. AGAG simply hinges on the fact that the only person on the planet who could throw trump on Gonzo's loyalty to Bush would be Mrs. AGAG. It's not about spilling the beans to reporters or anything more dramatic than that. Gonzo has willingly and repeatedly held his ground as Bush's firewall even when it must have been obvious to him that it was detrimental to his own future career prospects. I have not seen any evidence that Gonzo holds anyone else in the regard he holds Bush. If Gonzo resigned against Bush's will, the only person who could have induced him to do it would have been his wife (granted this argument is predicated on a solid marriage in the Gonzo household). Speaking for my happily married self, my spouse certainly holds trump for me.

Again, I concur there is something ugly waiting to lift its held out of the fetid pool of this administration, and it may be obvious to those most intimately involved that their days are numbered. And, certainly the timing with Kim's resignation from civil rights is suggestive that the real motivation is there, but I don't think Gonzo left without a push. And that doesn't appear to have come from Bush, so my guess is the Mrs.

For anyone who actually lived through Watergate, Martha Mitchell remains an indelible figure, and it is impossible for us to hear "Attorney General's wife" without thinking of her. That's why I put a "?!" after my comment, Phred. Don't be so literal.

Sorry Mimikatz.

Great to have you back emptywheel.

WAG alert (wild ass guesses), Mrs. Gonzales is cover for the wider GOP who is pillaging Bush primarily over Iraq. Based on the time line emptywheel has so helpfully provided, I would very humbly invite others to consider that Sen. Elizabeth Taylor's Warner's performance on MTP this weekend may have factored in this.

IMVHO, GOP keeps demanding that Bush "change course" on Iraq and Bush keeps offering up whomever he can, to buy a little extra time. GOP will not back down, because they know those 22 Senate races are all that stands between them and more losses on K Street.

IIRC, the WH broke both the Alberto and Karl firings on a Monday. If the WH were still in control, those stories would have been dumped on a Friday. If Bush had known that Alberto was already toast, when he was forced to fire Rover, I think he would have fired them both at the same time. IMVHO, right up through Saturday night, Bush thought that his hand-picked firewall at Justice could survive.

Also, no word on where Gonzales is going to continue picking up a paycheck in return for disgracing the bar. Just like Rove, he has no future employment lined up. (With the bottom falling out of the housing market, there have to be a lot of great opportunities for Harvard educated real estate lawyers). Alberto could have been an "Accountability in Government" lecturer at Pepperdine's Law School with a snap of Ken Starr's fingers. Those things are not happening which strongly suggests to me that ultimatums are coming fast and furious from JB3 and Poppy.

Also, Bush is completely unprepared to name a firewall successor to Gonzales, which is Bush's only concern critical to hampering ongoing DoJ investigations into Hatch violations, torture, 4th Amendment, habeas corpus ... . AFAIK, the absence of a permanent AG effectively bumps the authority of all the other DoJ department heads. Paul Clement comes in with the title of "interim." That won't scare as many DoJ types as a Senate confirmed AG.

IMVHO, Senate could "suggest" that Bush nominate Fitz for AG. I know a lot of people here have concerns with him, but he's gotta be really pissed at Bush for commuting Scooter's sentence. In my un-expert opinion, he would be better than Comey.

Completely OT, Sara you had an as per usual brilliant analysis of Harry Reid's strategy on Iraq. I can't remember if it was in a thread or a separate post. OT, it would be nice (if and only) if someone at TNH had the time to link all your posts to your name as a "Contributor." Currently, your name is not listed.

Just a suggestion but...

Completely OT, Sara you had an as per usual brilliant analysis of Harry Reid's strategy on Iraq.

Could we NOT have the mental masturbation hopelessly bent on divining logic and actual beneficent strategy from the hapless "maneuverings" of the Dems in Congress on the war, Habeas, illegal spying, etc? It is crystal clear that there is NO thought-out strategy at all, just off-the-cuff, beltway pundit-driven strategery.

Trying to find brilliance or Reason (that's right, big 'R') in what has been going on is a fools game. It speaks of an embarrassing and unwarranted (or should I say, "warrantless"?) faith in the acumen, good will, intelligence, and courage of the Dem leadership, traits that have been absolutely and incontestibly refuted by "facts on the ground" (ie, objective reality) time and time again.

Just DON'T do it.

Praedor, goddammit, Sara was not endorsing the Harry's strategy, she was explaining it. I apologize to you and Sara for stating it in a way that left it open to your interpretation.

I can't find Sara's comments. Have you read them?

My analysis of Reid's legislative strategy was a comment hooked on to Mimikatz's Iraq post -- was it last Friday, at least it was while EW was on vacation.

Yea, I am sure Larry Craig had some local legal advice from someone in the Republican Bar -- probably on a pro-bono basis so as to not make a financial record, but it takes time for Republican secrets to flow into DFL gossip, so we'll just have to wait and see if the gossip crosses the aisle. But the Arrest was in June, and the court appearance in August -- so there was plenty of time for Craig to get some behind the scenes consultation. Where I would look would be at Norm Coleman. Remember his now late father was caught in broad daylight getting it on with a prostitute in a car parked in a restaurant parking lot a few years back. I would imagine Coleman could have made a referral to a lawyer in the Republican mix who deals with such matters.

That particular restroom has been a spot known all over the country for quickie BJ's for years. When they first put security in place after 9/11 it rather cramped the business. It was a place where young Johns could pick up some quick money when in need -- but after security went up, they had to get jobs at the Airport in order to do any business -- and the decision to set up a sting operation apparently had something to do with some sort of security issues. Anyhow Amy's old office and the Airport Cops have pulled in lots of fine money over the last few years with the sting. People who are just changing planes really don't necessarily know that what used to be a tolerated BJ spot no longer is precisely that. You would also think a US Senator would know that Airport Security is what it is these days. To get a safe BJ, one would need to leave a heavily secured area, and look for, for instance, one of our Dirty Book Stores. There are not many stings set up in those premises. We even have a nice new Light Rail at the airport that can quickly move a customer over to the Mall of America where such services are available.

Nonetheless, the implications of Airport Security are quite profound.

Boo, yer totally right, Thanks so much for your analysis Sara, the post is August 24, Time For Serious Talk On Iraq
By Mimikatz

Praedor you need to read the comments from that post if you haven't done so already. Yer a touch outta line.

Sara - Just read your above immediately after watching Craig on the TeeVee explain how straight, pure, and mad at not having had consulted counsel he is. What you just said, plus my hunch about him really having had counsel of some sort, is pretty powerful circumstantial evidence. And for those of you out there reading this that say "Oh, its all circumstantial evidence"; please be advised that by far the vast majority of criminal convictions occurring in the United States come from circumstantial evidence. Bye bye Senator Craig.

"Bush was in NM for a LUNCH fund raiser today."
Posted by: bg | August 27, 2007 at 21:58

Isn't it just shocking that there are still any people who would give even $1 at a Bush fundraiser for either Bush, the Repub party or to Domenici?

I mean, c'mon folks, Bush is a war criminal and Domenici is sleazy. What is the f'ing matter with you folks? Remember, "traditional family values"? Where are yours?


"I think she set up the sting [ on Craig ] some months before she became a Senator."
Posted by: Sara | August 28, 2007 at 00:53



"...there is something ugly waiting to lift its held out of the fetid pool of this administration.."
And that something is ... EVERYTHING! Because it's all connected, because Bush, Cheney and Rove have their paws in every fascistic maneuver the repugnicans have pulled since 2000 -- and Gonzo was involved in most of them too. I think we need a little catastrophe theory" here... stability of Bush/Cheney system breaking down. Expect sudden drastic changes soon.

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