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August 22, 2007


I'm sorry, are Quinn Gillespie & Ed Gillespie the same person? Related?


I've changed it to make it more obvious--but Quinn Gillespie is the lobbying firm Gillespie co-owned until he went to the WH.

It appears the WH feels so immune from any significant consequences, they aren't even bothering to hide their corruption now -- they just slap a little lipstick on that pig and call her Miss America...


Because Ned would have liked it that way...


gillespie is still a principal in the lobbying firm even though he is at the white house. your comment implies differently.

sorry... sold his part in the firm in 2003. left completely recently. my bad.

a goldmine - in lots of ways, but i mean of information on bushco.

any QC connections to tobacco companies (i'm thinking of schip)?

not to be so cryptic.

big tobbac has to foot the bill for schip increases.

an increase in a cigarette tax reduces smoking among kids, especially, and among adults.

gillespie is from virginia, a tobacco state in more ways than one.

ergo, my question.

a related question pops into mind: is there any connection between this astroturf organization (CAHP) and the tobacco companies who manufacture astroturf like a carpet company manufactures carpet?

They've got til Jan 2009 to raid the chicken house, and since Congress isn't doing anything about it, and the public is messaging on their cell phones about Paris Hilton, why bother even trying to hide it any more? And if they fix things right, they'll get another four years.

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