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August 31, 2007


"SAMPSON: Let me be precise. I don't remember ever being aware of anything like that."

Ah, precision.

Lord love a duck. Who are these creatures?!

If all the DOJ employees who lied to Congress get nailed for it, that'll be progress.

Are the motivating factors behind Rove's and Gonzalez's resignations any more clear at this point?

As I understand it, as part of the investigation, they're surveying people who were hired about the interview process. I'd be much more comfortable if they were also surveying people who were not hired.

FWIW, Jesselyn Radack writes at KOS today giving good reason IMO to be skeptical of OIG's ability to conduct an effective investigation. Radack, it seems, worked on "American Taliban" John Walker Lindh's defense as a lawyer for Hawkins, Delafield & Wood. Radcak filed a whistleblower claim of prosecutorial abuse and describes OIG going after her.

Given (the massive) depth of malfeasance in W's DOJ as orchestrated through the WH, personally I am more compelled to join the chorus asking for independent prosecutorial investigations. Despite occasional signs DOJ's corruption machine may be falling apart, everything else I see suggests these are momentary snapshots not indicative of the continued descent down the rabbit hole.

SaltinWound -- the WaPo quote in the August 24 thread below says the questionnaires were sent to hundreds of job applicants, not just those hired. Do you have information to the contrary?

I am not a lawyer. I don't understand. How could Kyle Sampson's reformulation of his answer alter anything about what he does or does not recall? "I don't remember asking questions like that" gets turned into "I don't remember being aware of asking questions like that". I don't recall an awareness. That seems to me to say: "Bad questions? Are you telling me somebody asked bad questions?"

If getting of the hook is saying Sampson is permitted to have a lack of awareness of the limits of the law or limits of doing job interviews, then I presume he is excused for being an the Incompetent-in-Charge. Is that right?

Oh wait--I get it. Sampson is saying

"Wait a minute, Sen Schumer. You're telling me somebody asked bad questions, and I was unaware that I knew about it?. Geez, what a fool I am..."

Phred, I have no new information. I must have misunderstood or read a reference that was more oblique. Thanks.

SaltinWound -- no problem, just wanted to double check in case you had seen something I hadn't...

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