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August 11, 2007


And then, suddenly, he rode up upon a white steed of pure lineage - At last their knight had come to deliver them, and how they did cheer - Newt, Newt, Newt.

Surely, he could slay the lady dragon and deliver them from these dark days.

I wouldn't count out Jeb just yet. If "Hollywood" Fred implodes, who else do they have left?

They have no one that the american people want to lead them. And yet, they still have the power to change our constitution. That to me, in our democracy, says it all.

Oh, don't be so petty about a dumb poll in Iowa.

Katie, you seem to disagree with our form of Government.

Fred is coming! Fred is coming! ...

Actually I don't like any of the candidates Democratic or Republican. But I am not ready to follow Katie's Revolution. So I will pick the least objectionable. Don't we all?

I love democracy...we just don't happen to have one operating right now. We have always been a representational form of government, anyway, it's just far less representational than it used to be.

Jeb's got just a little too much baggage. Going to take at least eight years to take the stink off that 'Bush' name...

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