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August 31, 2007


Interesting that a defendant in a case in California is USING A LAWYER FROM NEW YORK as his defense counsel.

BTW, Greg O'Connel is terrific. I cannot say enough nice things about the guy. He was a fantastic prosecutor when he was at EDNY--did carting cases--and just a peach of a guy.

So, EW did I leave enough hints to William Ockham's question at teh Muck?


It's pretty clear that the other stuff Kontogiannis is cooperating on is in NY, probably EDNY. So O'Connell is working the main part of the cooperation (though he seems blind to the jist of it) in EDNY.

Oh, I see now we're on the same page.

Beyond the fact that one of the redactions is 10 characters long: XNEWXYORKX certainly fits.

What, do you whip out a micrometer to measure these redaction gaps or something? Heh heh.

I am glad O'Connel is first rate, because that is quite a messy pile he is having to ride herd on. Curious that Kontogiannis still has the funds with which to pay such a lawyer (and ones like that certainly do not come cheap); you would think all such resources would have been attached in a forfeiture action any number of times. Hmmm, wonder why that is?


No need to. This is courier font--it's not proportional, so you just need to count the letters in the line above or below. Times roman is a little more difficult--but still, we were able to get Armitage out of it.


And one of the transcripts argues that Kontogiannis' businesses are bankrupt--but that that's the only means for Michael to pay his own bills, and that, if nothing else, will buy his silence on the nature of Kontogiannis' cooperation. Me, I'm not convinced.

It appears as if the families of both TK and Michael have money; BUT all that money appears dirty, or at least tainted, too. All I know is that when I had clients like this, the freaking Feds sucked every penny dry through attendant forfeiture actions, and did so immediately. But Kontogiannis is like a Gotti clone of some sort, he just keeps going and going with the fraudulent schemes, but always seems to have money for great lawyers. We had this discussion before, that is why a good high level criminal defense attorney gets a giant chunk o change up front as either a flat fee or flat fee plus; because the authorities are damn sure going to turn the spigot off. Unless, apparently, you are Kontogiannis.....

Please, no talk of kerning . . .

BTW, if what I read at The Muck is true, Tommy K lives very near me. MAybe I should go visit?

The thing that is driving me mad about this case is it is receiving absolutely ZERO coverage here in NYC. Zip.

A story this salacious, and the tabs have no interest. Weird.

Except TPM, of course, which is a quasi-DFH blogger and therefore does not count.


Oh, you'd better not go visit. He's liable to use it against you if you ever meet him in a legal matter.


Thanks for the background. So, to sum up, Kontogiannis was (and maybe still is) helping out the JTTF in NY on some matter that required him to travel overseas during June.

BTW - if anyone ever untangles what case Burns was talking about, that involved himself as the AUSA seeking to keep a search warrant sealed over express CA law requiring that it be made public - bc of the respect Burns had for _________, give.

It was interesting that whatever case he was talking about, which was apparently argued through the CA sup ct (which I found odd anyway since he was talking about his actions as an AUSA) was all redacted out too.


Yeah--if nothing else proved the redaction was excessive, that did. Particularly since Burns himself hadn't asked that it be redacted.

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