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August 15, 2007


Specter is looking better. He has been a cheesy WH apologist with lapses of conscience. I hope this is another lapse which may
signal support for forcing the gritty details of a disrespected
subpoena process. Hope springs infernal.

Our elected officials don't understand the real world, that little microcosm that we must deal with each day. They are so departed from the world on the ground. This senator, one that is fighting for what is right, is still treating the mafia like someone on the other side of a debating team. He doesn't understand the kill or be killed mentality of these people, and he continues to think and act as though an entity that has ignored every rule of law from small crimes to treason, war profiteering, war crimes, bribery, ....... are going to begin acting as though they care about this?
Mr. Leahy, these folks are laughing at you. Your silly methods of extracting information from these people is not working, hasn't worked, and yet you grasp at straws. Your silly partner Arlen has undermined everything you do, put legislation in that makes what you are attempting to do impossible, and you know it.

It is long past time you begin jailing those that do not comply with your subpoenae, contempt citations, and those silly old laws. I know it isn't just you, and that you are helping. But by helping and staying within the decorum, you will be undercut daily and accomplish nothing. You have the power to incarcerate them until they comply fully with your legal demands. why haven't you?

Great post ew, as per usual. You routinely mine the obvious for gems that everyone else misses. IMVHO, Leahy has zero to lose in writing another letter. It's also a good way to find out if Rove's departure is anything more than ceremonial.

"Scottish Haggis Specter"

Hey, don't be dissing haggis!!!

Specter has been so spineless in all this, talking tough only to limply collapse a few moments later. I know Leahy has to work with the guy, but honestly--at some point, Leahy needs to move. He has the majority on the committee. Use it. He has been more than patient already on these subpeonas. This kind of disrespect for the 1st branch simply cannot be tolerated. And I would say this regardless of who the actors were in the executive and who had the majority in the congress. This is a constitutional issue regarding contempt for congress and drastically overreaching executive privilege. Enough.

Ha, great find. Keep Specter in your sights.

IMHO, "Magic Bullet" Specter will never do anything that will lead to any kind of concrete action being taken against Rove or anyone else. He is the ultimate Company Man, and preserving the appearance of effective oversight is the goal, not oversight for its own sake. I do believe, however, that Senator Leahy may indeed have the goods on Rove and others, and is waiting for the proper time to start hunting. The letter certainly telegraphs that there is specific evidence of something, and Rove's sudden resignation, without a co-ordinated in advance media frame, tells me that BushCo is not that far out in front of events these days. After the FISA capitulation, I was despondent, but I am hopeful that SJC may be the saviour in all of this.

Maybe Specter will stand up to the Administration now that he has the cover of being in the Minority (i.e. he can just "go along" rather than actually taking charge of Congressional duties as a coequal branch of government), but I have doubts.

Still, between this request for a meeting, Leahy's letter to Fielding to establish a hard deadline (August 20) for documents related to the TSP, and Rove's announcement, it looks more and more like something(s) is (are) about to pop.

You know, if they can just impeach Gonzo, the whole house of (corrupt) cards will come down.

Leahy to Bush: You can't tell me to go fu@k myself anymore...I'm Batman!

Oh, wait, he's probably only going to end up being the Alfred, the butler.

Leahy to Bush: Would Mr. President like his feet rubbed after another busy day of kicking Congress in its collective gonads?

Specter's urging Leahy to ask for a meeting works for everybody, even if nothihng new comes from it. Let's hope Leahy has enough to scare the shit out of Fielding - then the calculus changes.

extending improper political influence are misleading...the community itself should be more focused on changes dealing with the proper handling of justice system.

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