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August 27, 2007


Zed (on the wrong site).

EW we have been waiting for your return all day. Welcome home! And on the Muck, a prediction that yes he will resign, your opinion wanted!
source is the anon. who may be deep modem.

The anon=deep modem evidence is presented below


here is the link to anon’s review of his track record and prediction:
Cheney next.

What does it all mean, ew?

In answer to your question EW; NO.

Is this the same "anon" that posted long rambling disjointed comments here for about a week and then disappeared?

Well, we missed you, but it is true that when you ignored Rove for a week or so, he resigned. I'm just sayin . . .


Who knows which anon is which! the Muck's anon gets high marks on FDL from TiredFed. check out the link for more of postings by that anon.

May EW can apply her literary sleuthing skills to the texts and see if they are from 'the same hand'.

To mix republic and LOTR phraseology: missed, you were. Welcome home!

Whew. Nurses, docs, and hospital patients nationwide can breath a deep sigh of relief today.

EW, Maybe you should stop writing about and thinking about Cheney for two weeks and take an extra long weekend off somewhere at the end of that time. It might work.

Welcome back, hope you had fun. What do you know...we get Gonzo and a hypocrite Senator all in one Day. Maybe Cheney will check out in the next couple of months.

But serious question....since Alberto404error will resign on Sept 17th, who will be come the second set of eyes on wiretaps? It says AG Alberto Gonzo and DNI McConnell. Will it now be Chertoff and McConnell.

Inquiring minds want to know

A compendium of posts from that anonymous "Mystery Poster" is in this PDF at:


Makes for very interesting conspiracy theory reading.

I missed you too, but I am thinking you should take another long weekend so that Cheney resigns!

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales may have his announced his resignation, but his wrongdoing - and his words - live on. Here are:
"Alberto Gonzales' Greatest Hits."

Ooooh, she's back!

I already suspect you to be a goddess. Ignore Cheney til he goes away and I'll be convinced!

EW for AG!

Welcome back!

Welcome back, EW.

Any idea why yet another Manic Monday?

Seems Friday is not good enough for these folks anymore. Or is the gooder stuff still slipping out the back door on Fridays? Hard to image.

Bush's lament over the loss of Gonzales "because his good name was dragged through the mud for political reasons" can be parsed as an admission that the WH asked AGAG do political deeds (signing the torture memo, signing off on the NSA warrentless eavesdropping, firing assistant US attorneys whom deigned to investigate and prosecute corrupt Republican politicians) for the good of the Neocon cabal. And the phrase "his good name was dragged through the mud" is code for "AGAG took the bullet for us". Or is 'mud' a veiled reference to a meatgrinder?

The long road trip stink couldn't be from Lake Michigan goozlum, could it?

Welcome home.

Wowee, we missed you something fierce. Tell us what happened.

Hi EW welcome back to the hood


The White Sox going into a tailspin was just dumb luck.

Nah, the timing is perfect. The-soon-to-be-former AGAG hit the trifecta: Marcie, Jon and Steven were all off the clock.

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