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August 13, 2007


the Omen.

Of course unka Dick is still at the WH, he's a constiutionally mandated elected official. No one can fire him. And why would he resign? He's effing Rasputin to the boy king. And he still wants his war with Iran. So Darth Dicky will go out either feet first, or if the Chimperor absolutely puts his foot down about nuking Iran.

Brings to mind all those reduction songs from childhood, or perhaps the Farewell Symphony. (And speaking of hiding, why do these folks always seem to be hiding behind a bush?)

Somehow I think the absence of camoflage is not going to prove advantageous to The Cheese.


I actually think it might be the same bush. I'm planning a follow-up post comparing the two photos.

Very telling. If only AGAG was in this picture...

I suspect the picture also says something else in the distance between DeadEye and the rogue's gallery.

(Would love to know if somebody could zoom in a little closer on Miers' documents.)

not enough indians.


Heh heh. Same Bush indeed. there's a couple of levels to that statement.

Is Harriet following the script as Bush delivers his remarks? Does he get a stage manager's notes after his performances?

Cheney's habit of lurking in the bushes when Bush does his garden appearances has always disturbed me. He truly is Frankie Five Angels' Sicilian brother, sitting in the back of the hearing room.

I note that every visible brow is furrowed, too. What was going on that day?

Would love to know if somebody could zoom in a little closer on Miers' documents.

At 700% in a plain viewer one needs a way to enhance or hint or something (strictly a low-level graphics hack here, not hacker). Resolution is too bad.

This photo is evidence for a RICO indictment.

7 Little Indians down: Libby, McClellan, Bartlet, Miers, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Rove

3 to go: Gonzo, Cheney, and Bush

We're making slow, but steady progress!

For some silly reason the first thing that popped into my head on viewing that picture was "The Cheese Stands Alone."

Other favorites personal favorites and memories, Dick in the Bush and kkKarl on the tarmac under the tire of Airforce One. Unfortunately I only could find a cropped copy of the second picture and it doesn't do it justice but it is quite fitting today.

Why do they all look constipated?

They should all be in orange jumpsuits. And manacles. Rove should be strapped on one of those Hannibal Lecter dollies.

My very unlikely dream scenario: Scooter Libby cut a deal with Fitz right after his conviction, offering to get Karl Rove on tape obstructing justice, in exchange for a reduced sentence and no further charges. Scooter calls Karl and says he's ratting him out to Fitz if he doesn't get a pardon. Karl says, "Relax. We'll have you pardoned before you spend a day in jail." Bam! Karl's on the hook for obstruction. Big winner: Scooter, who gets to keep his deal AND the commutation of his sentence. I can dream, can't I?

My thought was "small men, all of them." [Sorry Harriet. I hope I'll be forgiven, since we can't really "see" you in the picture.]

Two things:
in the slide show, look at the left side of Picture #4, of Junior "taking charge" on 9/11. You see the shoes and some of two men in dark suits, holding black briefcases. Am assuming they have the nuke codes. I know those things are always within Junior's reach, but to see it in a picture makes the proverbial chills run down my spine.

And: With the departure of Rove, that removes the last Bush-team impediment to Cheney's influence. Rice is still there, but she doesn't count, hasn't enough clout as pushback. I hope this doesn't mean Tricky Dick Goes to Tehran.

``And: With the departure of Rove, that removes the last Bush-team impediment to Cheney's influence. Rice is still there, but she doesn't count, hasn't enough clout as pushback. I hope this doesn't mean Tricky Dick Goes to Tehran.''

Mnemosyne: you and me both. I'm surprised, looking at various posts in the blogosphere, how few people seem to have noticed this possible effect of Rove's departure. On the other hand, it occurs to me that there might now be some pressure on GWB, from GHWB perhaps among others, to take Jim Baker on as replacement for Rove. Maybe he could serve as a counterbalance to Shotgun Dick. Of course, Rove was not without his crazy ideas as well, as witness the follies of the Bush economic policy.

Frank, that's quite a dream (well, Karl would call it a nightmare). We can hope.

bmaz: did you have a chance to read the decisions Mary posted?

Bartlett enlisted and shipped off to Iraq, right? I mean, he's under the enlistment ceiling and he supports the war, so of course he'd volunteer to serve his country, right?

Good riddance to the Beached Whale, and don't let the door hit your @ss on the way out...

How Dead-Eye Dick is still standing is unfathomable...

I'm with Veritas78 on the RICO indictment.

EW -- I've missed your blog lately...too much overtime for me these days. I'll be back though.

What a picture. What are they looking at, did they find Bush banging Condi in the garden or what.

libby is the odd face out in the group;

he looks distinctly unhealthy or troubled.

the rest of the boys look like members at a tappa tappa keg reunion.

Masaccio - Not yet. All hell broke lose here last night. 112 all day, then giant monsoon thunderstorm at night. Took a lightning strike to one of the air conditioning units on my roof. Major issues..... When I glanced at the decision as it was printing out, it sure looked interesting. Not necessarily in a good way, but very interesting. I am pretty interested in taking a good look at this stuff; especially in conjunction with the hearing set for tomorrow at 9th Circuit SF Courthouse.

Sounds like the roosters are again claiming that they call the sun up in the morning.

Cheney is the last man standing. How long will it take Cheney to provoke Iran into a military conflict? I wish our Democratic leaders Congress would impeach him for the last war he started on fraudulent intelligence.

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