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July 06, 2007


has anyone surveyed the MSM response to the commutation and how long do they take? I mean statistical and and thorough and more than Dan Froomkin's excellent but selective temperature taking?

If not,
can we/FDL pups help survey them and would it take a database/electronic pdf design of the kind Drational* for KOS did for the DOJ dumps to produce a usable result?

In short, how can we help your wonderful work (beside sending $$$ to FDL??)

*Does anyone know if had truly stopped blogging? What a loss, if so?

DemFromCT: excellent piece! Small point, I have noticed that Hardball ratings went up when David Shuster stepped in for a segment. Perhaps the audience is indeed growing that would rather see investigative reporting rather than entertainment. Unfortunately, if Raw Story is correct in reporting that WSJ negotiations with Murdoch are complete and that the sale will be announced next week, we'll see that paper disintegrate even further before our very eyes.

Re: your earlier post on those leaving: I remember Rove saying that for the 06 elections, that it may be necessary for some Republicans to run against the president in order to win. This is even more true for 08. It may explain some rhetorical "defections", such as Specter. I suspect Rove is still looking to 08, and beyond, to that permanant majority idea.

And I fear "the press" will only rediscover its "oversight" function under a Democratic administration - things are just too broken...

Perhaps these Republicans are just facing two realities:

1. The "war" was a misguided and utterly mismanaged overreaching by the Bush Administration.

2. They are up for reelection next year and are facing many voters asking why there has been no oversight at all.

I have a feeling that they may not need to worry after all, Bush will likely commute the voters' verdict next fall. Isn't he the Decider after all?

Darms is right. And the press won't even wait until 09. They will fool themselves into believeing that they are asking tough, relevant questions by writing about John Edwards' hair and Hillary Clinton's body language.

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