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July 10, 2007


First class AND a network card. I hardly know you anymore.....


The emptywheel you've always known was flying first class. And the network card--it's a loaner from Jane.

Jane's card works like a charm

I think we need to spam Knollenberg's poll on the front page of his site (although it was more relevant last year):

Current Poll
Do you think Congress should permanently repeal the death tax on family-owned businesses like auto dealerships?

Yes is leading 78 to 22%

Woot! Someone should call Chairman John and let him know you'll be in attendance. Maybe one of his staffers can hook up with you on IM or something- you can help shoot him questions.

[ i can't believe they're not already doing this ].

I love the tidbits. But white wine? what happened to beer-thirty?

ew -

Anybody ever tell ya you have an absolutely devilish idea of "fun"? ;-) Glad you made it to deecee in flying style and fine fettle; looking forward to reports from the frontline.

I've frequently flown with Dem Congresscritters on Monday flights from Chicago to DC. The reason you don't see them is that they are back in economy with the rest of us proles.

Love this quote-

"There's something to be said for making a Republican Congressman's flight back to DC a little more stressful by attentively studying Republican corruption while sitting right next to him in First Class."

Give them no friggin quarter.

Next time ypu do see one of the Dingells, talk to tehm about global warming and energy sustainabilty. He is the kind of person who makes me feel that people who aren't going to have to live through the effects of GW shouldn't have a vote on those issues.

I once flew with Ronald Reagan when he was running for Gov. of California. He was polite too. Strange how all those guys are polite, isn't it? Thanks for the insider story.

I once flew with Ronald Reagan when he was running for Gov. of California. He was polite too. Strange how all those guys are polite, isn't it? Thanks for the insider story.

that was fun to read.


weblogs are more fun, and more informative, than the wapo or the nytimes any day.

I too went over to freep the Congresscritter's poll on "the death tax" [including auto dealers].

Jeeze, the whole Michigan "Dems are against auto manufacturers" bs [a la Dingall]. Don't these idiots realize that if they hadn't fought CAFE standards and other attempts to protect the environment all these years, they might now be producing Toyota-type vehicles, instead of gas-guzzling behemoths. [And thus might be selling vehicles Americans want, instead of losing sales to Japan.]

Pushing for national health care coverage would have created a two-fer for the industry [still could].

Welcome, Marcy. Showers this afternoon here [hope you got in safely]. More forecast for tomorrow. Then cool on Thursday. But yucky tomorrow a.m. [the humidity].

So do you have to fly a certain number of miles EACH YEAR to maintain that Elite status? {I'm only acquainted with United's requirements.]


As to Dingell and Conyers and Kilpatrick (the Dems I MIGHT see), I'm going to assume they go to DC on Monday and leave on Friday. I'm on more of a Republican schedule, Tuesday through Thursday or early Friday.

But I suspect Dingell and Conyers, at least, would be right next to me in first class if they were on the plane. They've been flying this route for a very very very long time, both of them.

Okay, silly question here: What does DFH as in "DFH blogger" stand for?

Susan K - Dirty Fucking Hippies. It's a term of (self) endearment for those of us in the reality-based community.

Click and vote on Congressman Knollenberg's Web site that Congress SHOULD NOT "repeal the death tax o family-owned businesses like auto dealierships."

EW--Thanks for asynchronously liveblogging your experience with a CongressCritter. I vicariously enjoyed flying first class.

lukery-- thanks for that. Makes the whole Flying First Class description all the better.

"Say it first, say it loud, I'm DFH and I'm proud."

Great story, ew.

Knollenberg likes peanuts, but not pretzels or chips. And he doesn't like to drink a lot of water on plane rides. And he's kind of fussy about little pieces of trash floating around in his space--though that may have been exacerbated by the fact that he had to sit next to a DFH blogger reading (and taking extensive notes) a book on Republican corruption. Though I should say, he was very polite (as was Mike Rogers) and pulled my bag down from the overhead.

Good stuff.

I watched the SJC interview Sara Taylor under oath yesterday on a CSPAN re-run. (Is it just me or does Sara Taylor look like she won an Oscar playing June Carter opposite Joaquin Phoenix's John Cash?) "Um uh er Ah Er I um just er want um to er make um sure ahh."

I missed the week. I appreciate catching up here at TNH.

The week at the beach was HOT. I mean it, and not in a Paris Hilton kind of way. I think it was 95 and humid until Thursday when the temps broke and the heavy air lifted. I'm not complaining. Early morning was that best for long walks on the beach. The swimming was fine. Do it if you get a chance.

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