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July 30, 2007


if i wasn't a u.s. citizen, living in the world of the second to the last day of july 2007, i would think this was a spoof... the biggest lie of the announcement is calling it an interview when it's really an infomercial...


an infomercial

with, I imagine, very little info

"...stroke, stroke, stroke...Tell me what you want me to write...stroke, stroke, stroke...I'm a stenographer with benefits..."

I'm sure "wifey" will not be showing American's a graph of the real value of the dollar during "hubby's" term managing the currency.

Nor discussing the serial bubbles that he aided and abetted. Nor how he provided cover to Bush to "disappear" the budget surplus bequeathed by the Clinton/Gore administration into a sea of red ink with tax cuts for the wealthy like them.

Well, thanks a lot for that disturbing image. Pardon me while I go cleanse my mind.

what's next? laura interviewing george?
wait, gotta go, my dog wants to interview me.
i predict the word interview, from this day forward,
will take on a new cute meaning in slang, as in
"interview" yourself.

Greenspan is a hack, a hack I say.

He took over from Volker and inherited a strong anti-inflation regime at the FED. He took over and started raising rates, "fine-tuning" the economy, UNTIL IT SNAPPED and caused a Wall Street meltdown.

Properly chastised, he moved slowly during the bush1* administration. Too slowly to keep Bill Clinton from making the centerpiece of his campaign.

Clinton and Rubin played him like the whore he is and let him take credit for the prosperity of the 90's. Greenspan however was trying to salvage his RW credentials so he kept trying to sabotage Clintons program with comments about irrational exhuberance and raising rates to try to stall the economy.

Then bush* was selected and old Allan started to reveal the lapdog he is. Greenspan did not hesitate to say that tax rates could be cut. When bush* slashed top rates and taxes on capital transactions (very deflationary actions), Al cut interest rates to almost ZERO to keep the economy from plunging into a recession. This also created the asset bubble that is unfolding right now initially in the sub-prime market and spreading into the higher quality markets as well.

Did I say that Allan Greenspan is a HACK!!!

Sorry, this just pushes my buttons.

Oh come on! It's called synergy in the big media world. The publisher is probably a subsidiary of GE, which owns NBC and all the little MSNBCs and CNBCs. It's just taking advantage of integrated media. Life's one big advertisement now, if you haven't noticed.

Anyone remember the Harvard Business Review interview of Jack Welch conducted by HBR editor Suzy 'wet for Jack' Wetlaufer?

I think most of you are confused about this because you're not from the NYC metro area and are unfamiliar with the setting. I live in Connecticut and often go to the 92nd Street Y for their amazing lecture series. The Y (it's a YMHA, not YMCA, by the way) is a community center, not a media boxing ring. There are many other outlets in NYC for that. Prominent people go to the Y to speak about their lives and experiences. It's not supposed to be an adversarial environment, though I've certainly seen sparks fly at a Middle East panel talk.

You're obsessing over the use of "interview" when it is really just a conversation. The appeal of this particular lecture is not the expectation of watching Greenspan get grilled and caught in any "gotcha" moments (unless he's the type who forgets to put the seat down), but a rare chance to see him and his media wife interact on stage. No more, no less.

I also fail to see how this has anything to do with blogger ethics. That makes zero sense. What on earth does it have to do with blogging?

Oh, this is not the accountability moment. That comes later, right?

This event adds credence to the claim Andrea does the cocktail weenie thing.

Have they done this sort of thing before? Sending a wife to interview an economist, or did NBC send a reporter on a junket?

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